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Exit, Stage Left

I wrote my first blog post here on September 1, 2008. I had become a blogger. Magically.

For the topic, I chose something I was and am still passionate about – helping people build a successful job search strategy. So in the first post, I asked a question. One I had already answered in my head.

“Job Search – Do You Have A Strategy?”

In my experience meeting professionals who were in transition, very few knew how to tell their story and, importantly, were largely unable to activate their network to help them succeed.

So I started writing. And writing. And writing.

I also started speaking in front of groups and building out templates full of content to support the development of a strategy. To help people focus their time and attention on the right things vs. those that felt right.

And then I may have stepped too deep in the work and invested a bunch of time and money in creating “job Search software”. An effort that was bigger than I anticipated. Effectively shifting my focus from helping people to creating a business. It turns out that the latter was the wrong execution of the right original impulse.

Over the years, I also focused on the psychology of job search. Helping everyone I could convince that a positive mindset – despite the acute awareness of being out of work – was a must-have for HR folks, hiring managers and fellow networkers to pay attention.

Today’s post is my first on the blog since September 20, 2016. So this makes post #651. And it will be my last.

I have no idea if anyone will see it. I’ve decided to delete the blog at the end of this month when this domain and my hosting contract runs out with GoDaddy. And any of the automation services that would have sent this post to email subscribers in the past are, I suspect, long since disconnected.

If you are one of the 400 (ish) daily visitors that happen to stumble across this blog today and read this far, well, sorry to bother you with all this. 🙂

I did download a PDF of all the blog content so I have it. And I have my two self-published books which have their origins here. Don’t buy one of them. Rather, email me at tts28(at)me.com and I’ll send you a PDF to read.

I deleted the LinkedIn group, the Facebook page, a Google channel and other artifacts of this journey. Simply to clean up the breadcrumbs I left behind. To simplify things a bit.

I must say that there’s one aspect of writing this last post that’s quite satisfying. I don’t have to think about keywords, SEO, finding the perfect photo (although I couldn’t help but find something to use) or worrying at all about formatting.

You can learn more about me and my life on LinkedIn. The life that will be forever shaped by the time spent authoring and working on Tim’s Strategy.

You can also follow me on Twitter. Although my focus there won’t help you much if you’re looking for a job. 🙂

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