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10 Job Search Strategies For The Passive Job Seeker

This post is about conducting a passive job search. When you are fully employed but open to something new.

passive job search

If you are a passive job seeker, you have a challenge. You can’t tell everyone that you are looking. At least not officially.  After all, you don’t want to compromise your current job. In case the wrong person hears about your plans . . .

So what is someone to do during a passive job search?

Whether you are a passive or active job seeker, the best way to find a job is networking. And you can’t exactly head on out to the local job search group and toss out a newly minted elevator pitch.

Because some will say to you: “I thought you had a job?”

And some will say to someone who works at your company: “Hey, I saw Barbara at the networking event the other night. Sounds like she is looking for something new . . .”

So here are a few aspects of the passive job search:

  1. You want a new job
  2. But you are terrified to leave before getting a new one
  3. And you can’t overtly network without risking #2

So here is a list of 10 things you can do during a passive job search to look for a job effectively without risking the one you have:

Hire a career coach

Especially one that is really well connected in your community. And hire them for one thing. Connections. Spend the money wisely . . . while you have it.

Get your paperwork ready

Take time now to get your paperwork ready. Create a strong resume update. Capture the data you need to make your accomplishments tangible and measurable. Create a networking biography and share it with a few trusted friends and former co-workers.

Identify target companies

Identify your target companies and begin following them on Twitter. Create a list on Twitter of great companies in your city and add them to it. Assuming they are not competitors of your current company, try to build a relationship through re-tweets and friendly @replies..

Create non-public profiles on job search sites

Get yourself set up on Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo! Hot Jobs and niche sites for your industry (e.g. CPGJobList). Get private alerts set up that will inform you of the jobs being advertised.

Get up on social media

Be findable in social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo) and make sure your content there is up-to-date and consistent with what you want your career brand to look like. And don’t be lazy on LinkedIn.

Go to networking events

Go to job search focused networking events to build up your network. Ask to be added to their mailing lists – many have Yahoo groups with daily job leads. And you might even find a few people to help along the way.

Attend industry events

You will hear about new companies and potentially those that are hiring.

Pay attention to recruiters

Be really attentive and helpful when recruiters call. Give them a reason to want to call you back by referring great people to them.

Become an expert in something

Become a subject matter expert through speaking or blogging.  You will attract opportunities.

Share job leads

Learn how sharing job leads and your career objectives can help you and others

If this is not you. If you are actively looking or not looking at all, share this post with a friend who’s working but looking for something more. I’m sure they’d appreciate the thought.

What ideas do you have? How do you look effectively without spilling the beans?

Thanks Gisela Giardino for the photo via Flickr.

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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