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11 Ways To Personalize A LinkedIn Invite

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Using social media successfully requires engagement.  Authenticity.  And a personal touch. Especially if you are engaged in career networking.

Your first impression to others matters.  And if your first intro is generic, so does your relationship begin.

I wrote recently about how (I Am Tired) Of Generic LinkedIn Requests.  But I keep getting them so I must have not reached everyone yet.

And the necessary follow-up post is what we are writing today.  I say we because I asked for some help from a few career experts that I know and trust.  To deliver a variety of ideas of how you can make a good first impression – especially if the invite is going to someone you’ve never met.

And someone who may not accept your LinkedIn invitation to connect.  Just because you requested it.  What’s your LinkedIn connection policy?

So here they are.  11 experts with 11 ideas:

@MegGuiseppi – Tell them what you know (or admire) about them, why you want to connect, and how you can help them.  Read Meg’s Blog.

@RyanRancatore – Personalize a Linkedin invite by using THEIR name, and asking a question unique to them about THEIR day/career/life.  Read Ryan’s blog.

@LaurieBerenson – If connecting on LI with an out-of-touch past colleague, update on ur current role and/or offer to meet or speak to catch up.  Suggest how your connections or network could benefit them and/or why you’d like to connect.  Read Laurie’s Blog.

@TheJobQuest – Refer 2 how u know the person. If u follow their tweets, comment on their blog or talk on a LI group, say so in the LI invite.  Read Melissa’s Blog.

@careersherpa – Explain how you know each other or what you have in common, why you want to connect, and be friendly! Please and thank you.  Read Hannah’s blog.

@Keppie_Careers – Invite only those you know or with whom you share a reasonable connection. Don’t assume, explain reasons to connect. Be brief.  Read Miriam’s Blog.

@InterviewIQ – Show benefits of mutual hook-up, personalise, show you have read their profile.  Read Karalyn’s Blog.

@JorgenSundberg – Flatter gets you everywhere – write how much you have enjoyed someone’s blog and how you’d love to meet up one day.  Also, name dropping is very powerful – “such and such mentioned we should get in touch”.  Read Jorgen’s blog.

@jacobshare – Mention how you found the person & refer to something recent of theirs that impressed you.  Read Jacob’s Blog.

@NealSchaffer – I highly recommend you create a standard paragraph which you can cut-and-paste into the “Personal Note” section, customizing the note for each person.  This paragraph should briefly describe who you are, what your LinkedIn Objective is, why you would like to connect, and why they should connect with you.  Read Neal’s Blog.

@JulieWalraven – Find a connection with the person you want to invite & personalize it:
“Great meeting you in Baltimore… I thought we were connected here already but I guess not. Hope all is going well for you in your new space! Let’s Connect!”.  Read Julie’s Blog.

Well, there you have it.  And I hope these 11 ways give you some new momentum in building strong relationships.  And LinkedIn is a great place to start!

What are your ideas?  Will you share yours in the comments?

Also be sure to see the follow-up guest post by Neal Schaffer: Best Practices In Writing LinkedIn Invitations – What’s In It For Me?

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