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15 Ways Your Brain Is Trying To Kill You And Your Job Search

This is a guest blog post by Lisa Rangel about your job search fears.

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Admit it. The executive committee residing in your brain is feeding you negative self talk that just isn’t true.

The voices in your head are sabotaging your job search and screwing with your career mojo–but you are still finding yourself listening to the job search fears, resulting in poor job search results for you.

The first step? Be aware of these very human thought processes. Know that these job search fears are just masking the deep-rooted fear all job seekers experience when pursuing a new position.

The Job Search Fears

Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being enough, fear of ridicule, fear of being wrong, and other ‘fear’ committee members are all vying for a seat at the executive board table located in your brain.

Recognize it. Accept it. Own it. Then release it….but you can’t do that unless you recognize the behavior.

So here are the 15 ways your brain is trying to kill your job search (I’m sure there are more, so please share in your comment below):

1. I’ll never find a job. (And as a result you do not try today.)

2. I’ll never get out of this place. (‘Place’ being the job that you are currently in that you don’t like.)

3. No one will talk to me at this networking event, so why even go? (And you don’t go.)

 4. What if this person doesn’t want to hear from me? (So you do not make the call…)

5. I’ll never get the gist of using LinkedIn and other social media outlets to find a job.

6. I can’t learn how to network….I’m too shy.

7. This person probably won’t help me. Who am I kidding…I don’t want to bother anyone. (So you do not ask for help…

8. Ugh … I should know how to do this! I’m smart, ran huge departments, managed all these people….I should be able to find a job myself!  (So, again, you don’t ask a friend, colleague or a professional for help and remain stuck)…

9. How am I ever going to repay someone if they help me? (Therefore, you do not reach out…)

10. I have reached out to 25 people and no one wants to talk to me. (Thinking it’s personal instead of reviewing your resume, LinkedIn profile and communications to see how you can improve the content to get a response….)

Ready for 5 more job search fears?

11. I’ll just submit to more job postings. (And continue to avoid talking to people, since computers are so much more responsive).

12. I don’t have the money to go to that industry conference or pay a professional. (This voice is really telling you that you are not worth the investment–but you know you are worth it.)

13. I can’t do that (Insert whatever ‘that’ is.)

14. After all these years, I shouldn’t have to do that (Insert whatever ‘that’ is and get over yourself. Entitlement doesn’t get anyone hired.)

15. I never had to do this before….(That is just ‘Fear of the Unknown’ showing up late to the meeting.)

Is this you? Are these your job search fears?

Do you need an overhaul of your executive board members to build more confidence? Require a ‘realignment’ of your committee to support your job search goals? Stop listening to the voice in your head, know you are not alone in having them (most of us do) and take one action to ask for help. One action is all it takes to get unstuck.

And if I missed any, please feel free to share in the comments below…

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Written by: Lisa Rangel
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