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2nd Live Linkedin Discussion: How To Build And Maintain A Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, Discussion, Live, Chat, Social Media, OverviewToday we had our 2nd “live” discussion on LinkedIn.

We had career professionals chatting with us and discussing how to build and maintain a great LinkedIn profile.

In 1 hour we posed 6 questions and received 144 quality comments. Not only did people participate, but they gave some great advice and opinions regarding utilizing your LinkedIn profile and some even asked there own questions.

So Why Another Live LinkedIn discussion?

Although Twitter chats are all the rage and have drawn in many participants, LinkedIn allows you the time to write quality answers to each question rather than having a large quantity of short answers.

Another plus to a LinkedIn Discussion (Read the summary of our first LinkedIn Live Discussion) is that everyone’s comments are all saved in one convenient location and the potential to interact with and sometimes connect with other professionals.

Of course, you can’t share a comment on LinkedIn the way can via a re-tweet on Twitter. And you don’t attract the same audience in a group as you can with the combined follower count on Twitter – especially since we run a closed LinkedIn group. But you can join if you ask nicely.

Here are some of the great comments that our participants made:


Should We Make This Monthly?

Now that we have completed our second LinkedIn discussion, do you think that this is something that we should have on a regular basis? Also, what are your thoughts on a Twitter chat versus a LinkedIn discussion? Should we do one or the other or both? Our goal is to create lively discussion that helps people not only interact with others, but also learn something along the way.

Let us know your take on this LinkedIn discussion format.

Want to check out the entire discussion from today? Click here (make sure you join the group first). 

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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