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3 Great Examples Of Career Networking E-Mail Updates

career networking, newsletter, update, job searchIf you read yesterday’s post, you are well ahead of the game.  And ahead of everyone who just discovered the site only today.  But your lead won’t last long because all the new folks have to do is read something.  About the critical need to stay in touch while engaged in career networking.

But if you are new and don’t have the desire to click yet another link in life, I’ll save you the effort.  Read just this (in quotes) from yesterday’s post:

“So here’s the situation:  You meet or introduce yourself to 25 people each week (some of you more, some less).  Each of those people learns about you in some fashion.  Hopefully you do a good job of sharing your specific job search objectives.  And then you meet with 5 of those people the following week for a coffee.  You then exchange more details.  And offer to help each other.

And then you promptly forget about each other.”

So after reading that you just need to know that the solution is to identify your network, create an email distribution list, and send a monthly e-mail to everyone on that list.

Got it?

So today’s post is about sharing some specific examples from real people who have decided to make a production of it.  In my opinion, these updates are very effective.  I read them every time one hits my in-box.  I am entertained, educated and, importantly, reminded of the need and specific job search objectives of three great people in my network.

And, as a result, these people stay “top of mind” as jobs and opportunities cross my desk.  And their updates acted as reinforcement of my meet-ups with them at local networking events or phone or Skype calls we’ve had.

But why should you spend the time and money to create a more professional looking email?  Here are 8 reasons offered by James as to why it makes sense for him:

a) It’s a “different” (unique) way of communicating with my network (recruiters, family, friends, network)
b) I get a LOT of interaction/feedback from my network during the first 10 days of every month (top of mind)
c) I get automatic reporting (from Constant Contact) as to who’s opened it, clicked on my Linkedin profile
d) Better still, who didn’t open it…gives me a legitimate reason to contact them otherwise
e) It only costs me ~$350 per year!
f) I can send Christmas cards, birthday cards or cards/letters for any occasion
g) Certain people get upset if they don’t hear from me!!! (Can you believe that?)
h) It takes me ~20 minutes per month…and I get all the stats on my iPhone!

So what will you decide to do? Here are your options:

1.  Keep doing what you are doing.  And, for most of you, that means nothing.

2.  Start a monthly e-mail via Outlook – short and simple

3.  Create something special that will capture the hearts and minds of your network

I hope you choose either #2 or #3.  And I hope when you do, you’ll add me to your distribution list: tts28(at)me.com.

Remember, networking without a purpose is just socializing.

So, without further delay, here they are (shrunk a bit to fit, but hopefully you get the point).

1.  The first two (Steve and James) use Constant Contact to create and mail their updates.  If you’d like to learn about Constant Contact as a tool, click on the banner in the right sidebar (top left box under “career resources”).

2.  The third (Gary) uses Emma – another email communication service.

I hope these examples are a great source of ideas for you.  Steve just landed his new job.  But if you know of any leads for Gary and James, let them know!

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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