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5 Things To Check On Your Cell Phone Greeting

This post is about your cell phone greeting. Have one? Is it good?

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From a personal branding standpoint, you might think that this is not a big deal. But your cell phone greeting might be the first impression you leave with recruiters, hiring managers, HR folks or anyone else.

If you are out looking for work or a new client or even a new friend, you might want to check your cell phone greeting.

When was the last time you checked your cell phone greeting?

Well, OK, but what should I check?

1. Check that its there

Check that you actually have one. I called up someone the other day who I was helping get an interview. They didn’t have one. It was the auto voice sounding out their phone number – they didn’t even bother to record their name. So I wasn’t sure that I got the right person. Big mistake.

2. Check for professionalism

Check that you are not trying to be funny, sarcastic, too casual or any other less than professional. Cute doesn’t work on cell phone greetings. It doesn’t work on LinkedIn profiles either.

3. Check for confidence

Do you sound like someone I’d like to hire? Positive and confident during job search? Are you sure? Have others listen to it and tell you truthfully how you sound. How many “uhs” or “ums” do you have in there?

4. Check for sound quality

When you recorded it, were you in the house with kids screaming? Is your voice easy to hear? Are you speaking clearly? It’s so easy to fix this! It’s called “re-record” – in a quiet place.

5. Check for energy

Upbeat and positive is so much more interesting to me than “blah” which I get a lot when I listen to cell phone messages. I think we forget that our brand to the world during job search needs to reach a very different audience. Instead of “the guys we’re meeting up with later at the pub to watch the game”, it’s a whole variety of different people – some who might want to hire you.

So remember – sometimes the cell phone greeting is the first impression you give. Don’t blow it.

Thanks danielfoster437 for the photo via Flickr

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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