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A Sincere Thanks To All Of Our Guest Bloggers

As the month of August draws to a close there are a few changes happening here at the Tim’s Strategy blog. Starting in September we will be discontinuing the use of posts from regular guest bloggers.

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Over the past 8 months we have accumulated an abundance of excellent and informative content from our 16 guest bloggers.

Thanks again to our guest bloggers!

In this post we would like to reintroduce each of them and encourage you to continue to follow them on their own websites and social media accounts.

1. Randy Block:

Randy Block Bio

2. Lisa Rangel:

Lisa Rangel Bio

3. Kristin Johnson:

Kristin Johnson Bio

4. Dawn Rasmussen:

Dawn R. Bio

5. Kelly Donovan:

Kelly Donovan's Bio

6. Joan Ramstedt:

Joan R's Bio

7. Eric Olavson:

Eric Olavson's Bio

8. Mark Lynch:

Mark Lynch's Bio

9. Sharon Hamersley:

Sharon H's Bio

10. Corey Harlock:

Corey H's Bio

11. Robin Schlinger:

Robin S's Bio

12.  Abby Locke:

Abby Locke's Bio

13. Leslie Ayres:

Leslie A's Bio

14. Greg Johnson:

Greg Johnson's Bio

15. Bob McIntosh:

Bob M's Bio

16. Joe Hanson:

Joe Hanson's Bio

Thank you guest bloggers for all your hard work and great content. Your posts will continue to help our readers during their job searches and help them get on the right track.

After those reintroductions, if you are not following any of our guest bloggers we recommend that you start now.

Thanks for a great and informative 8 months!


The Tim’s Strategy Team

Thanks lindsay.dee.bunny for the great photo via Flickr. 

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
Categories: Career Networking

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