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As You Prepare For Next Week: Be Strategic

    finding a job, book of job, military intelligence, jobs seeker, refrigerator magnets, mouse pads, job search, jobs marketing, job board, reminders, management, impulsive, jobs, strategic Fridays are a good day for thinking.  For planning.  And for preparing mentally what you will try to tackle next week.

That way, you can enjoy your weekend.  Knowing that a plan is already in place for Monday.  Goals are established, meetings are scheduled, etc.

And if you’ve seen me speak before either live or on You Tube, you will have heard me talking about the importance of being strategic when finding a job.  Instead of impulsively reacting to the world and job market.

So today I am going to remind you of some of the ways you can be strategic and act with a purpose while finding a job.  Each and every day.

And I will share with you a few new tools on my online store that, once owned, will remind you to be strategic while you are in the process of finding a job.

The first is a mouse pad (pictured above).  Every time you swirl around those words “be strategic”, it will remind you that it might be time to get up out of your chair, stop tearing up the job boards, and get out to meet with someone.

be strategic, refrigerator magnet, job search, strategy, finding a job

Another is a simple magnet.  For your refrigerator.  For your file cabinet.  Anywhere you need a little friendly reminder to think clearly.  I like the refrigerator idea.  Because most of us interact with our “frig” quite a bit.  And it is a place your family can see the reminder too.  After all, finding a job is a team approach.  Everyone can play a role, right?

So here are some of the posts you may have missed that should help to get you thinking with more of a “be strategic” mindset:

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be strategic, goal cards, job search, strategy, finding a jobThe last thing I’ll remind you of?  You need to have a method to set goals and objectives.  Daily, weekly and monthly.  Because if you don’t measure your progress, you’ll never know whether you are succeeding.

So for my goal cards, I chose the middle ground.  Weekly.  Because you can establish goals for the month and then break them down into weekly chunks.  And once you decide what 10 goals to target next week, you can divide those by five.

So.  Two important goals each day during your job search.  Is that too much to ask?

Of course you will be doing other things.  I did too.  But you will also wake up with a plan.  Pre-arranged by you.

Another great use of these goal cards is with your accountability partner or accountability group. If that is a new term for you, it is basically someone or a group of fellow job seekers that help you stay on track.  It might be tough love or a friendly push.  Toward where you said you wanted to go anyway!

You meet once a week to set new goals and review your progress from last week.  And keep each other on track

So, if you have a need to be strategic more often.  Or have a friend who struggles in this area.

Go to the online store right now and make a small investment in your (or their)  success.  Really.

What ways to do you have to be strategic in your job search?  Please share your thoughts!

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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