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Best Of The Blog – Job Search Strategy

Hey, it’s Friday and I hope you’ve had a great week.

Today I’ll be sharing prior posts that support your building a successful job search strategy.  Whether you are actively looking or are just keeping your eyes open for something better.

The first one below is targeted at you passive job seekers.  How do you look for a job without exposing your secret to a current employer?  Here’s my answer to that . . .

10 Job Search Strategies For The Passive Job Seeker

Sometimes you need to re-load.  To start over.  But how do you do that?  And when?  These two posts team up to tackle these questions with practical advice you can use.

7 Reasons To Press “Re-Start” On Your Job Search

Re-Starting Your Job Search . . . 10 Buttons To Push

To succeed in job search, you need to be constantly driving new activity.  To create multiple options.  This helps your psychology by taking the focus off of one particular opportunity.  And it keeps you always on your toes with an expectation that one lead is never enough.

The Power Of Multiple Options

And finally, a question to help you review your method (or your madness).  This next post asks an age old question that’s relevant for the modern job search.  Which are you?

Job Search Strategy:  Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?

Well, thanks for reading this week!  I hope you didn’t mind this idea of sharing prior content.  I needed some family time.  You understand that, right?  🙂

We’ll start back up on Monday with new ideas and strategies.  And I’ll be a new me.  Freshened and ready to go.

Talk to you then . . .

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