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Brand Promise: Radio Interview On Marketplace Money

    university of southern california, american public media, marketing coach, mass media, tess vigeland, radio hosting, radio interview, paying attention, interview, film, tess, marketplace, promises, branding, interviewing, brand, crowded, money This past week I enjoyed a chance to share a few ideas on creating your own brand promise with Tess Vigeland, national radio host for Marketplace Money.

She found me via the blog posts I write for U.S. News And World Report.  Specifically a post I wrote on the new career: a perpetual  job search.

During the interview, we were able to directly help two people looking to find new ways to describe what they do. To begin building their own brand promise.

I’ve written some on this concept on my Fix, Build And Drive™ site. That’s the primary one I use for marketing coaching (small business and nonprofits).

There I asked “What’s Your Brand Promise?” and answered another common question: “Brand Promise: Do I Really Need One?”.

The second is a reaction that I often get from people who’ve never been out of work.  Or have never started something new.  It sounds like marketing fluff to them.

For example: “Moe from AL” said the following in a comment on U.S. News:

“Tim, take your personal brand mumbo jumbo and shove it. I’m a person, not a brand!!!”

And, prior to the interview, Tess was not convinced either.

But to me, having a clear brand promise is an important part of introducing yourself and telling people what makes you different. It is critical for job seekers (active and passive), small business owners, start-ups, nonprofits or anyone trying to create awareness in a crowded marketplace.

So if you have not read much about this idea, I encourage you to do one of the following:

1.  Click on one of the links above to read more about it.

2.  Listen to my interview with Tess on Marketplace Money (see link below).

3.  Follow my new series on creating a personal marketing plan at Job-Hunt.org.

4.  Get in touch and I’ll work with you directly as a personal marketing coach.

If you’d like to listen to the radio interview, here’s an easy way to do that.  The link below takes you to the transcribed interview.  Once there, click on the red button that reads: “Listen to this Story”.

Listen to the Marketplace Money Interview

Any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments.

And I hope you have a great coming week!

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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