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Building Your Social Presence Is Like Baking a Cake

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This is a guest post by Joe Hanson.

In the 1840s, temperature controlled ovens and baking powder changed the cake baking game forever. Cakes went from being purely a delicious treat to an art form. Baking a cake is both an art and a science, requiring aesthetics, balance, and detail.

When you’re finished putting together all the parts, layers, and extra pieces, you’ll have yourself one hell of a cake.

From my time at SmartRecruiters, I learned to visualize one’s online social presence as a cake, all your different social profiles synthesized together as one clear image.

Each profile is a layer, and the content you share, the information you present, decorates and supports those layers. If one of those layers are unbalanced, the whole cake can topple over.

All in all, the more layers you build and the more decorations you add, the higher and brighter your cake will stand, all while retaining the balance.

So here’s how you build your social presence, (and how to make a cake):

Find your recipe

What niche industry are you looking to get into? Who do you want to connect with? What social networks do you want to join? Depending on what you want to do and where your passions lie determines what recipe for social presence you will pick. You may like artwork or graphic design, so you’ll go towards networks that let you show your work. You may like to write, so you’ll start a blog or find a network where you can contribute. Whatever you do, picking your social networks is an important part of developing your social presence. Not only do they make you more searchable by recruiters and other companies, but you can develop relationships and network with other people in your field within your social networks.

Laying the layers

Each layer represents a different social profile: LinkedIn, Facebook, a blog; pretty much anything that speaks about you online. These profiles structure your cake. As you layer the social profiles on top of each other to craft your social presence, each one works with the other to maintain your balance. That’s why it’s important to make sure you lay frosting between each layer, to hold them in place, and connect them to one another. Your social profiles should be unique from one another, but also connected and accessible from one another. When a recruiter is sourcing for talent, the more solid your social presence, the easier it will be to find you. And the better you present yourself, the more attractive you are as a job candidate. That’s why building your base, which makes you easier to find, is so important as a job candidate.

Icing on the cake

A great cake doesn’t just have a solid base, but also the decorations to make it stand out. And creating your social profiles isn’t enough. It’s also important to make your profile unique and interesting. There are a couple advantages of decorating your cake well. Obviously for one, the more interesting your profile and the more you stand out, the more attractive you are making yourself as a job candidate. And the more popular your profile, the easier it is for a recruiter to find you. Decorating your profile well will increase your contact and networking, and is the best way to brand yourself online.

With the continuous growth of social recruiting, effectively putting yourself out there is essential for the job seeker. If you do it right, lay the layers, and decorate your cake into a social presence masterpiece, it’ll help you as a job candidate.

Written by: Joe Hanson
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