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HeadStrong: The Keys To A Confident And Positive Attitude During Job Search

HeadStrong, Confident, confidence, Positive, Attitude, Job SearchHeadStrong is my second book and it digs much deeper into one of my favorite topics.  One I touched on in the 30 Ideas book (see below).

This book is singularly focused on helping you build and maintain a confident and positive attitude throughout your job search and your career.

A positive attitude says something about you. It says that you have an inner confidence that is not easily shaken. And while you may feel good about ourselves when employed, a job search can test your mind’s ability to maintain that feeling. During job search, you will experience disappointment, frustration and negative feedback. Perhaps for the first time in your career.

And when a job search extends beyond your expected re-hire date, there is potential for a downward spiral. A loss of confidence. And, worse, a desperation about your situation. This book is a step-by-step guide through the job search process with a focus on helping you to build and maintain a confident and positive attitude.

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You can also start a job search reading group with HeadStrong as your guide!

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30 Ideas – The Ideas of Successful Job Search

30 ideas, book, job search, ideas, job interview, psychology, social networkingAfter a year of creating Tim’s Strategy, I took a break to organize some of my better ideas and get them into one place.  Ideas around social networking and job search strategy.

30 Ideas is a resource you could keep in your bag, purse or briefcase. When you needed a few new ideas for your job hunt. And the paperback version of 30 Ideas is now available.

Along with a version for your Kindle.

After all, who doesn’t need a few good ideas?

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Most of us need a little help during a job search. And having been through my own transition as well as playing the role of hiring manager for 15 years, I know my way around this subject.

This book will give you new perspectives, encouragement, fresh thoughts. And an important sense of confidence that you are doing the right things each and every day.

I hope you will consider buying one of these two career books for yourself or a friend who could use the help and enjoy reading them.

As much as I enjoyed writing them. 🙂

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