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Here you will find a collection of job search tools and templates. Some are brilliant and a few are just downright practical. I hope they will play a small part in helping you feel more organized in your search effort. Most of these I used during my own job search. They’ve been updated and improved by others over the last few years. If you have an improvement to one or an idea for a new one, let me know!

Also here you will find my ebooks as they are written. ebooks are a great way to organize content that once lived proudly on the blog’s front page and now hide behind rows and rows of historical content. If you like the ebooks, job search tools or templates, feel free to share these career downloads with others.

Need a few new career books to consider?

career book, headstrong, positive attitude

Headstrong: The Keys To A Confident And Positive Attitude During Job Search

HeadStrong is my second book and it digs much deeper into one of my favorite topics.  One I touched on in the 30 Ideas book (see below).

This book is singularly focused on helping you build and maintain a confident and positive attitude throughout your job search and your career.

Start a job search reading group with HeadStrong as your guide!


Option 1: Kindle

Download Headstrong ($8.95 from Amazon)


Option 2: Paperback

Order Headstrong ($14.95 from Amazon)


ideas, job search, strategy, success, successful, job interview, book, paperback, new job

30 Ideas: The Ideas Of Successful Job Search

After a year of creating Tim’s Strategy, I took a break to organize some of my better ideas and get them into one place.  Ideas around social networking and job search strategy.

A resource you could keep in your backpack, purse or briefcase.  When you needed a few new ideas for your job hunt.  And the paperback version of 30 Ideas is now available.


Option 1: Kindle

Download 30 Ideas ($4.99 from Amazon)


Option 2: Paperback

Order 30 Ideas ($9.95 from Amazon)


Free Career eBooks

10 tools, ebook, job search, template, career, strategy

10 Tools:  The Tools Of Successful Job Search

quixoting, ideas, action, entrepreneur, passion, hobby, success

I Can See Clearly Now:  The Benefits of Taking Action On Your Ideas

personal brand marketing plan

How To Create A Personal Marketing Plan: 5 Powerful Steps To Bringing Your Brand To Life

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