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CONFIDENCE WEEK: One Day In Job Search

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One day a call will come from a networking friend.  Someone I’ve shared coffee with and someone who knows my job search objectives.  Turns out that a job has opened up with one of my target companies.

One day my resume will be walked into a hiring manager whose eyes will sparkle as they read about my background.

One day I will get a call from that same company who thinks I might be a good fit for their new position.  They will be right.

One day the phone will ring and I will interview with a person in human resources.  Someone who I connect with.  And they will push me through to a first round interview.

One day I will walk with confidence up to a big door.  One of my target companies.  As I enter, I will have a good feeling about this one.

One day I will meet and interview with the people that will be my new associates from 8-5.  I see myself working closely with them to make great things happen there.

One day someone will call and ask whether I have references.  And my heart will jump.

One day I will wonder why things are taking so long.  I will be impatient.  But I won’t show it.

One day I will be tempted to follow-up a second and third time. But I won’t.  I will let it linger.

One day I will get a call.  And a job offer.  The company will ask me to join them.  I will be their top candidate.  And they will want me to start as soon as I can.

One day I will put down the phone, walk into the other room and share the news.  Hey, guess what?

One day I will send an announcement to my network.  I will have arrived at a new job.  And I will tell them my story.  How I did it. And I will offer to help them.

One day I will turn off the alerts from Indeed.com

One day my resume will be a quiet file on my laptop.  Back to the obscurity.  Buried deep in a folder called my2010jobsearch.

One day I will stop attending networking events four days a week and sometimes in the evenings.  Instead I will be home more often playing with my kids or enjoying a movie with my spouse or friends.

One day my life will be back in balance.  I will be part of a new team as a leader or key contributor.

One day my pockets will again be full and the savings will start to peak ahead to a better day.

One day I will miss this challenge.  This opportunity to prove myself.  And compete with other great people.

One day I will realize that I am a better person as a result of this job search process.  I will have learned about what I can do in difficult times.  And I will appreciate all the new friends I’ve met.

And, one day, I will pull up to a new parking spot.  At a new building.  I will walk to the door and grab the handle.  And smile.

One day . . .

This post was inspired by the song One Day by Matisyahu.

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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Categories: Positive Attitude

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