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CONFIDENCE WEEK: The Tools That Enable Confidence

Maybe you and I are different.  But I feel more confident when I have good content.  And good methods to share that content.  So that means you have good things to say and a compelling way to deliver the message.

In job search, your content is your history, experience and skills. Your methods include a resume, LinkedIn profile and your profiles on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

That sounds pretty simple.  And, as we discussed earlier this week in Your Personal Brand Needs YOU, your content is illustrated by your personal brand.  So today’s post is about the tools or methods you use to highlight your personal brand.  And by doing it well, providing you with materials that elicit confidence.

So I’m here to introduce you to or re-introduce you to four key tools created in 2009 to help illuminate your personal brand

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As you can see above, there are four tools that can help here:

Job Share Assistant
You’ve probably guessed that the #1 networking tool during hard times is helping friends, family, former co-workers and other worthy folks find their next job.  Whether you are employed or working at the time, it simply does not matter.  But how?  Use the Watchlyst to organize (on one page) the specific job objectives of those in your network.  When you see a match, pass it along!
Resume Companion
A one-sheet template that gets all of your critical information onto one, easy-to-digest page.  It includes data that will help your network help you – something a resume does not accomplish.
Career Backgrounder and Narrative
Write your history and create a longer term personal brand position for yourself. Your CareerBack is written in the third person (as if you are a news reporter writing an article about yourself). This way, you can do a proper job of highlighting your best points, skills and accomplishments (often hard to do properly in a resume).  Most people don’t feel comfortable bragging on themselves.  How about you?
Business Card for Networking

Instead of a business card, I call it a FlashCard™.  Why a FlashCard, you ask? Well, simply, it allows people to remember you and, this is crucial, your specific job objectives . . . in a flash.

For more tools, go to the free job search tools page.


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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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