Creating A Stable Work-Life Balance

Q:  I struggle with my work-life balance.  How do I keep things stable?

Boy, I think we all struggle with work-life balance, don’t we?  The first thing to recognize is that, for most of us, our work and life are linked more than we can imagine.  Generally, what we do contributes to who we are.  But for some, we become our work and cannot separate at all.  That’s when the problems start.

In the ideal world, you are actively building a life that includes a job you really enjoy, surrounding yourself with people that care about you and participating in activities that you can look forward to and enjoy.  Of course, not everything we do in life can be fulfilling.  Some things just need to get done, right?

I’ve been out of work-life balance before and it is a risk for me all the time.  In 2008, I was writing two blogs while working full time and volunteering significant time in my local community.  And playing in a weekend baseball league.  That was crazy.  And then one day, I sat down and wrote down two things:

1.  Everything I was doing in my life

2.  Those things I really wanted to be doing

I then set in motion a plan to remove the inconsistencies from my life.  I just learned to say “no” to opportunities outside of what I wrote in point #2.

Sounds simple, but it worked!  And, from time to time, I go back and review that list.  To make sure it all still works.

In terms of keeping things stable, don’t expect that at work going forward.  Although you might find it, we are heading into an interesting time and relationship between employer and employee.  But even if you can’t guarantee stability at the work place, you can create a stable life and career platform.  By building balance into your life (see post below).

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