Building Your Personal And Business Brand

Q:  What is personal and business branding?  And how do I create a brand?

Who are you?  What does your business or brand do for people? Really.  How would you like it be perceived?  And which of these personas ends up speaking on your behalf to friends, hiring managers or customers?

Knowing your brand, what benefits it brings and how to get those ideas across quickly are key to establishing and building a personal or business brand.

Here are the articles you should read to begin wrapping your mind around this concept . . .

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Personal Branding: Smart Strategy or Planned Narcissism?

CONFIDENCE WEEK: Your Personal Brand Needs YOU

And here are some tools that can help you think through and communicate your personal brand:

The Must-Have Resume Companion. The SoloSheet™

31 Ways To Uncover The Interesting Parts Of You

All tools are available on the Tools For Job Search Career And Life page!

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