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Job Search, Career and Life: Your 11 Favorite Posts From 2011

 job search strategy, online social networking, social information processing, world wide web, book of job, social network service, career advice, human interest, web 2.0, community websites, job interview, job search, careers advice, success stories, marketing communications, recruitment, job, linkedin, collaboration, twitter, jobs, career, 2011 We all get busy.  And as much as I think you will read everything I write, you just don’t.  At least not right away.

So today I’ve compiled a summary of reader favorite posts of 2011.  And If you haven’t read them yet, maybe you should since someone else apparently has. 🙂

And if you get really interested, you can get nostalgic and read the favorite career advice from 2010.

Perhaps a few of the posts from earlier this year are now more relevant than before.

Or perhaps you have a little more time this week before the new year to think a little deeper about your career or life situation.

Would love to know your thoughts on these 11 posts, of course.  What impact, if any, did they have on your thought process or action plan.  Of course, I hope they helped you!

Our Group: A LinkedIn Success Story

Earlier in the year, LinkedIn had a request for nominations of people or groups on LinkedIn that were making a difference.  The Tim’s Strategy LinkedIn group was nominated for being a group with a great purpose on LinkedIn.  And the group was chosen as a success story to help highlight LinkedIn’s growth to 100 million members.  A great success story for LinkedIn and an exciting bit of recognition for all of us that participate in the group.  If you are not a member of the group or not an active member, resolve to be one in 2012.

10 Signs You Are Being Lazy On LinkedIn

If you send generic (not personalized) LinkedIn connection requests or neglect to upload a great photo to your profile, you are being lazy on LinkedIn.  And I don’t want that for you.  Because it means fewer people will find you there and those who do will find you less interesting.  This post also included a scoring system.  How dd you score?

Using Twitter: A Simple Daily Checklist

Like LinkedIn, Twitter has so much potential as a social networking tool for job search.  And for simply staying in touch with your network during your career.  But I noticed many people simply have trouble building a basic amount of inertia.  Or they see the bad aspects (silly updates and spammers) of social networking and decide to stick with what they know.  Avoiding social media is a bad move in this new modern job search.  So I decided to keep it simple and write you a basic daily checklist.  I like checklists and I figured you would too.  Thanks for sharing this one.

 Recruiters Insider Secrets To Getting The Job

While I don’t really like the title I wrote for this one, the idea was one that you clearly wanted to read about.  This post was a result of a great conversation I had with CPG Jobs about working with recruiters.  It was a tele-seminar with Tom Bolt and Gail Houston.  If you go to this post you can read the summary of my comments or listen to the tele-seminar.  Especially if working with recruiters is on your list of “things to improve” for 2012.

 Tell Me About Yourself: What’s Your Story?

This post worked for a couple of reasons.  First it focused on a big and scary question we get at the beginning of almost every job interview (and one you have to nail).  Second, it offered advice from a very well-respected story-teller, Kathy Hansen of Quintessential Careers.  Kathy and I met for the first time at a career conference this year (she was on my must meet list) and I had the unique opportunity to drive her from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.  You learn a lot about someone in a long car drive!

 Should Your Resume And LinkedIn Profile Be Carbon Copies?

Sometimes a lingering and important question gets answered in a way that really works. This guest post was written by Melissa Cooley.  Melissa is a career consultant specializing in resume writing, interview coaching and job search strategy.  She is also an approved career expert here at Tim’s Strategy™So many of us wonder if we are doing it all right.  Melissa’s post gave you a great answer to this particular question.  Thanks Melissa!

How To Sleep Like  A Baby During Job Search

Despite our best efforts, we don’t always have the confidence during job search that we’d like.  In fact, if you are missing this key ingredient, it can get to you during the entire day and sometimes at night when you are supposed to be sleeping.  I remember a couple of bad sleeping nights in 2007.  Not always because I was nervous or worried, but because I couldn’t shut off my mind.  If this is an issue for you, I hope this post helps to settle your mind in 2012.

How To Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face

This post carried a similar message to the one above.  Except it was about how to get “up” for a new day.  It featured a great YouTube video of a young girl getting herself ready for the day with a Tony Robbins style pep talk to herself.  I loved the energy of her message and, while I’m not asking for your video version, I’d love to know how you do this each day during job search.

Using LinkedIn: A Few Simple Reminders

LinkedIn is such an amazing tool.  So many people sign up, create a profile, connect with everyone they know and then stop using the platform with any real purpose.  This post was my push back on you to start using LinkedIn with a purpose and to not allow yourself to fall asleep at the wheel.  What have you done to really use all that LinkedIn offers? And how will you change that in the new year?

 10 Reasons Why People Get Fired

The idea of getting fired really rattles people.  Either because they’ve been fired before and know the feeling or they worry about the outcomes in a tough economy.  But there are some basic reasons why it happens.  Sometimes the result is good news for you (that particular job was a bad fit for you).  Other times there is no good news at all.  But if you read through these, you’ll find that there is often a pattern and a rationale behind the decision.  And a way out.

Resume Infographic:  One Man’s Journey In Pictures

It’s tempting to try to new things during job search.  Especially with so many new tools coming out these days.  Try them all, yes.  But be careful which tools you actually use to show your value to recruiters, HR folks and hiring managers.  This post was about one job seeker’s attempt to create his own infographic – his career in pictures.  This post did well because we’re all curious about these new tools but often need an independent voice to help us decide the risk and reward.  What did you think of this attempt to create a visual story?

So those are your top 11.  I hope I helped you get better and smarter in 2011. And that your job search, career and life went a little smoother as a result.  Let me know will you?

And to all of you who count on me as a resource, a friend and expert, thank you for including me in your life.

I wish you all a very happy and successful new year.  🙂

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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