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From Something Blue To Something New

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I’ve been working hard on something.  Just like you.

And over the coming weeks, I’m going to start sharing.  Telling you about a few things I’m working on to make this site easier to use, easier to find and a better resource for your job search and career strategy.

And I really hope you will like it . . .

It involves a whole new look for the site.  A new logo, new content, a new look for each of the pages, and new ways to navigate and find the resources you need.

I kicked things off earlier this week on my Facebook page with a quick introduction to the new logo (above is the avatar).  Would you take a minute to click this link and let me know what you think?  And while you are there, please “like” my page.  If you do, that is . . .

When I transitioned back in January from “spin strategy” to Tim’s Strategy, I was a bit nervous.  About losing you.  And I did lose some of you as the transition was pretty significant.  Kind of like a really long pit stop in NASCAR.  Except in addition to changing out the tires and adding fuel, I changed the car model, the look and the car’s number.  So as I’ve been driving the oval for six months, many of you had to re-find me on the track.

Because I was starting with a new website address, email and rss feed, I didn’t want to do a big visual change at the same time.  But now I do.

My goal is to launch the full update on/around August 1.  But you probably know how these projects go.  So since I can’t guarantee a specific date, I’ll start sharing pieces with you along the way.  Until the pieces all come together.

I want to create a site that you will feel good about.  Tell your friends about.

But more importantly, one that helps you accomplish big things in job search, career and life.  Through ideas.

Of course I would love your feedback here or on Facebook.  Wherever you like.

So . . . what do you think so far?

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
Categories: Marketing Materials

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