Guest Post Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for Tim’s Strategy. Guest post guidelines are below. While I am glad to review all submissions, there are no guarantees that I will post them.

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If you are here to primarily to promote something or generate revenue off links, stop reading now and move on.

Who I look for:

  • Experts with credibility and training in job search, career or life strategy. To share practical tips, ideas or tools to improve someone’s situation.
  • Real people (non-experts) with experience or stories about their journey. Also, to share what they’ve learned through a career change, a job search or life transition.

So, prior to writing a post, I would suggest you pitch me with a title and short summary (<50 words). And please review the site to see what has been covered already (type your keywords into the search box).

Specific Guest Post Guidelines:

  • 500-700 words
  • Post must offer strong reader value. No selling of any kind in the body copy.
  • Two links in the body from you are OK as long as they reference relevant articles or resources.  They cannot link to products or services. And the links cannot be used as part of an affiliate or 3rd party revenue program. Content and links are subject to editor approval.
  • Must include two additional links to relevant pages or posts on my site –
  • Feel free to suggest anchor text by underlining it and including the link in parenthesis like this:

… to reduce risk in the hiring process.

  • Content must be original (can’t be published anywhere else online prior to submission). But you can re-post on your own blog 30 days later. No where else though please.
  • Include a short two-line bio (here you may include one link to your business or product).
  • You can include a personal photo or logo (I may or may not use it) as a .jpeg or .png file.  (max 100k file size, ideal dimension is 150 x 150)
  • If including a feature photo, please include a link to the source (you must have permission to use or verify creative commons OK).  If you do not include a photo, I will add one that works.
  • Use headings, bullet points and short paragraphs to break up content for easier reading. Lists are great.
  • No bold fonts unless used as a headline or bullet point. No capitalized words or sentences.

If you have any questions, send me a note.

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