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HeadStrong: The Keys To A Confident And Positive Attitude During Job Search

 human interest, new books, the keys, social psychology, behavioural sciences, positive attitude, job search, behavior, seekers, academia, job, during, confident, keys, psychology, headstrong, successful, attitude During job search, we all experience the best and worst of ourselves.  If you’ve been in this job search fraternity, you know.

You also know that you have to manage your own psychology. And have an awesome support system around you.

To keep reminding you that you are awesome.

Do you have that?

If not, or if it is never enough, you need to look outside.  And because the psychology of job search is a pet topic of mine, I decided to focus my second book right there.

Originally titled:  “It’s All In Your Head – The Psychology of Successful Job Search”, I decided on a more approachable title.  With the help of a few friends.

I love “HeadStrong” as a title.

Because it’s short and reinforces the idea like no other name I saw.  And because confidence and attitude are strong indicators of both interview and networking success.  Like it or not, most people like to interact with people who are upbeat and can help themselves.

So we have just one more round of edits to go.  My awesome designer at Merlina Design is hard at it.  And I will be too in just a few days.  The book is now available.  I hope you’ll consider picking it up for yourself or a friend.

Buy now! HeadStrong: The Keys To A Confident And Positive Attitude During Job Search

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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