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How Random Acts Of Kindness Can Change Your Life And Career

Random Acts Of Kindness, Change, Your Life And Career, help others, pay it forwardThis is a guest post by Mark Lynch.

I’m talking about the act of “Paying it Forward”. Acts of kindness and giving really do make you feel happier and in control. In a world full of stress, deadlines and competitiveness, you can make a difference in others’ lives and actually attract more positive energy into your life.

Why is being generous such a mood-booster? A Stanford University study showed while hard-and-fast answers are elusive; the main reason is that it gives people a strong sense they’re doing something that matters. Others appreciate you and are grateful and they may reciprocate.

So what does paying it forward look like? It can be the way you interact in everyday life with people you meet and those who you might network with ‘or’ the #1 salesperson sharing best practices with his/her team to inspire a positive work environment.

Consider what the long term result of not sharing your knowledge with others, helping when you really are not obligated, taking an extra minute to personalize a message, provide assistance to your teammates can be.

You attract what you put out as your ‘brand’. If you are real, you will attract the same. If you fake it, well you know who you get. And please remember, this is not a business strategy! This is a way to help others without asking for anything in return. Some may struggle with that concept, but those who embrace it will always succeed in the long run!

The following are five examples of paying it forward & ways to attract great things into your life!

1. Grow your LinkedIn network by connecting with recruiters. Add a personal message in each invite by mentioning you are growing your network and would be happy to help them fill an opening should someone in your network match a specific opening. Not only will they connect, they will undoubtedly remember you!

2. When you see a motivational or inspirational article, share the article with your network! Take it a step further and start a discussion in a group by posting the link. Because you are not directing anyone to click on your profile, visit your website, etc., you quickly build a reputation (and visibility) of someone who provides motivational information.

3. Take some time to help others by responding to questions that may be asked about your industry or expertise. I often receive emails asking to review a profile or help re-brand someone who is struggling to find a job. I try to make time every day to provide helpful advice to others and not ask for anything in return. Whether it’s a ½ hour phone call or a few emails, it can really make a difference in someone’s life. Teaching others allows you learn at a much deeper level!

4. Simply share a motivational quote or inspirational message to your network. I have seen some of the best writers, authors, experts send out a message of encouragement for example without plugging their book, product, etc. Even sending out “Happy Friday” works!

5. When you receive a message that someone has connected with you on LinkedIn, take a moment and send a personalized ‘thank you for connecting’ message and ask if there is any way you can help this new connection. Often this opens a dialogue and/or offline conversation that can lead to all sorts of opportunities.

I have learned from experience that when we provide and share acts of kindness for others, it’s only a matter of time before this circles back to us as individuals. It’s possibly the “what goes around comes around” or “law of attraction” concept, but I don’t think we need to dissect the process so much. Just doing the right thing and helping others will provide enough in return.

So, what way will you pay it forward today?

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Written by: Mark Lynch
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