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How To Build Momentum In Your Job Search

You’ve heard of the snowball effect. Of rolling stones gathering no moss. How about job search momentum?

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We all know the value of building momentum in business. Being on a roll inspires employees, customers and vendors to get more engaged. But what does it look like in a job search?

And how do you build job search momentum?

If you would you like to create five little snowballs or get a few stones rolling, read these ideas below:

1.  Create and enable a big network

Through LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers and Facebook friends you can create a larger network.  In addition to your local community network and those you meet each week at job search events, this network can help you see new leads and introduce you to their friends and your target companies.  But they must be enabled.  You enable them through education re: your background and specific job search objectives.  Without tangible information about what you are looking for, your network is “unable” to help the way you need.

2.  Help others

job search momentum doesn’t happen instantly.  It builds slowly most of the time.  And this is true with helping others.  If you regularly spend time helping others during your job search, you will see value for yourself.  Over time.  An honest and regular effort sends a message that you get it.  You understand that you need to be both a giver and a taker in the job search community.  This is one of the ways you motivate your newly enabled network to help you in return.

3.  Become a person of influence

If you are a marketing or sales professional, you have skills that others don’t. Same with HR, Finance or IT. How can you use your subject matter expertise to educate others? And at the same time, establish a reason for others to want to spend time with you? Write a blog post on a subject you care about. Create a presentation on your “expert area” and offer it to networking or industry groups in your community. Become a person of influence starting today.

4.  Be visible

You don’t build job search momentum at home while emailing recruiters or beating up the job boards. You do it by being an active participant. In industry groups by responding to email requests, in local events where you can expose your brand to others and in social media. Use a Twitter daily checklist to follow and connect with other influencers. Like the Facebook page of your target companies. And use status updates or events on LinkedIn to let people see your activity, plans today and in the coming weeks.

5.  Have a purpose and a plan

The biggest mistake you can make is to operate a job search without a plan. Without one, you are impulsive, inefficient and relying on hopes or dreams. Establishing specific objectives each and every week builds confidence and purpose. Figure out whom you really need to meet and build a plan to go make it happen. Join or start an accountability group so that others can keep you honest. Help you see where you are failing.  And get you back on track.

These five little snowballs will help create job search momentum. Each week they’ll get bigger. As they do, your confidence will grow. And you will bring a more positive attitude to each and every interaction you have with the hiring community.

And that’s a good thing.

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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