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How To Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face

    hartman personality profile, human interest, positive environment, fun video, on your, wake up, positive attitude, shower doors, face, psychotherapy, actions, positive, life, wake, smile, start Today started with a fun video from YouTube that may get you smiling.  You and about six million other people so far.

It worked.  It reminds us of moments in life when we moved without hesitation out of bed.  Hopped in the shower. Let a few songs echo off the shower door.  And got the day started with a positive attitude.

And if we could manufacture more moments like those.  Or download one or two off Apple’s new App Store.  A great use for those iTunes cards we all got from family over the holidays.

Moments when the head wasn’t filled with reminders of:

  • mistakes made
  • missed opportunities
  • dumb things said
  • or the soup of all these things clogging a natural flow

I wish we all had more days like Jessica where we energetically lift ourselves up.  And a positive attitude drips from our chin.  But we’re not four years old.  And we are living with real memories of our imperfect moments and experiences.

So if you hate your job, are struggling to find a new one or are not living out the life you planned many years ago . . .

. . . how do you create a more positive environment in/around your life?

After watching that video this morning, I came up with 10 ways to create a positive attitude:


Take a walk to start your day.  A brisk pace.  Deep breaths.  Renew that gym membership to get your day started early and get with upbeat people.

Talk to yourself

Is it weird to talk to yourself in the mirror?  I don’t think so.  If you see yourself smiling, will that help? Probably.

Dwell on the positive

You have a choice each and every day.  So start paying attention to the stories playing in your head.  And choose to push the negative away.  Making room for new more positive thoughts.

Focus on people

We get energy from others.  Especially those around who make us feel good, challenged or loved.  And also those who are supportive of and aware of our goals in life.  Who keep us accountable along the way.

Be thankful for what you have

It’s is easy to pay attention to the sorry side of life.  These attract attention and empathy from others.  But your focus on the great things you enjoy is time better spent.  Be grateful for your health, family, ideas, loves, and unique traits.  Create a list and post it somewhere obvious.

Take action on something important

Stop longing for something better and go make it happen.  Take steps toward doing something that matters to you.  Start a blog, create a Meet-Up group, take that acting class.  Respect your ideas by acting on them and you’ll feel a difference.

Get a new perspective

Talk to new people, join a new group or find a new place to drink your morning coffee.  Or find a different friend to share your dreams and struggles with – your positive attitude may come from a change in venue.


A smile out typically gets one back.  Force one on your face as the alarm clock goes off to get things started.  Keep producing them throughout the morning and, before you know it, the smile becomes viral.  One foot in front of the other . . .

Turn up the dimmer switch

Near the beginning of a big moment (interview, date, meeting, presentation) when you normally start to worry or wonder if you are ready. Reach down to your hip and grab hold of your body’s dimmer switch.  And slide it up.  Feel the warm buzz of energy.

Be yourself

On a daily basis, work to act your part. Be kind if that’s a big part of you. Be supportive if helping others succeed makes you feel good.  Be true to the parts of your personality that make your personal brand unique.

And if you do these things during the day, the day that follows is more likely to start just a little bit brighter.

What about you? Is this realistic?  What have you tried to shift toward a more positive attitude?

Impossible you say? Why?

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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