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Interview Preparation: Why Do You Want To Work For The Company?

This is a guest blog post by Greg Johnson about job interview preparation.

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Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to hire for many positions.

Usually, by the time a person came in for the first interview, their skills and experience were well qualified. We wanted a fit for the team and company culture. The vast majority of candidates did nothing to demonstrate a passion about or even a basic knowledge of what the company did. This showed me they were just looking for a job.

Any job.

As a hiring manager, I wanted someone excited about our company, loves what they do, and comes in with desire to do what it took to do the best possible job. If they missed the basic knowledge available beyond a quick scan of the company site, it showed me they were not interested in demonstrating their desire in working for our organization. If they didn’t go the extra mile in trying to land the job, would they ever do that in working for the organization?

People will often tell me, they don’t have time to look for a dream job, they just need a job. And their job interview preparation often reflects this view.

The problem is, if you are looking for just a job, you are a commodity. If you are a commodity, there is likely someone better aligned. They might be cheaper, with more experience or a better interview style.

You don’t have time to look for just a job. You need to focus on your passions, your strengths and research the interesting companies. This way, you can position yourself as a solution rather than just a job seeker.

Great resources to help you with job interview preparation:

Tim’s Strategy is full of great information on different aspects for preparing for interviews including how to prepare for awful interview questions and how to improve results by changing your mind set. There are many great online resources for researching companies and industries

Below I listed some things you should know about the organization in job interview preparation:
  1. Know the core products and services of the organization?
  2. Understand their competitive advantages?
  3. What is the reputation of the company among the customer base?
  4. How good is their reputation in the industry?
  5. Who are the competitors?
  6. How large is the market, and what is the company’s market share?
  7. Be aware of trends in the industry?
  8. What are they doing from a corporate
  9. What does the companies mission statement say?

I would love to hear additional thoughts of things you should know about a company during job interview preparation.

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Written by: Greg Johnson
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