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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Networking?

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This question came from Toronto.  One of my regular readers who does it right.  Because she has progressively added enough new work assignments that she is arguably now over-employed.

But can I tell you something?  I’m a little uncomfortable right now.  This question is somewhat new territory for me.

Because almost every meeting I have with job seekers includes a discussion about networking.  But this is the first time someone has asked me if one can network too much.  Usually the questions are where do I go, how long should I stay and how do I become more memorable?

Very rarely does someone have to worry about “too much”.

But that’s what I love about the question.  It is aspirational.  It also shows real foresight and presence of mind.

And here’s my answer.  Yes.

Here’s how:

During a job search, if you are always out and about.  If you are a guaranteed RSVP at every event.  And become as common as the plastic chairs in the room.  This can lead to a type of over-exposure.  And the mystery about you will dissipate.

You see I encourage people to get out of their house at least 4 hours a day.  Many do not.  But if you are away all day and many nights, you can burn out your own candle, your friend’s candles and that of your family.  Who were hoping they’d see more of you – not less – during your transition.

If networking becomes your social life.  A comfortable and welcome place.  You can get into trouble.  Because you stop pushing the boundaries.  And stop meeting new people.  You just socialize with the same folks night after night.  And a stunning lack of purpose ensues.

Then networking can be somewhat superficial.  No depth to it.

So while I think that very few of us suffer from “too much”, it is a great question.  Because even if we don’t suffer from over-exposure, we can become too common at single events or with a particular crowd.

And if that is you (too predictable).  Pick your favorite event.  The one you never miss.  And miss it next month.  Instead, pick an event you’ve never been to and be a new face there.

Instead of being old-faithful.

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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