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Job Search Networking: Return To Neverland

1 Networking, community websites, Information Society, job hunting, Job Search, job search networking, LinkedIn, networking, Networking Business Card, Networking Meetings, Networking Questions, Neverland, Return To Neverland, social media, your jobIt’s Friday and in preparing to speak to a group of executives this morning, I thought I would create a custom presentation topic for them.

And then share it with you first.

The topic is networking with a purpose. One of my favorite subjects. But instead of just sharing my same advice, I’m giving it a new twist.

(And for you bloggers out there, creating posts out of presentations and presentations out of posts is an efficient way to get more out of your content.)

So Return to Neverland is a list of “nevers” to help you network smarter than you did last week. And to help you get the most our of the time you are out of the house.

So here goes:

NEVER network as if life is perfect – instead practice naked networking and make sure people know how they can help you.

NEVER give a networking business card to a stranger – treat each of your cards as something worth earning through conversation.

NEVER provide vague job search objectives – instead be as specific as possible and provide a short list of target companies.

NEVER answer the question “What do you do”? with “I’m out of work” – there are far better answers to the common networking questions you’ll get.

NEVER leave a 1 on 1 networking meeting without asking how you can help – make sure each person has at least one “to do” from the conversation (thanks Sigmund).

NEVER go to an event with a reason why and without a sense of who you are looking to meet. Your time is no less valuable just because you are out of work.

NEVER start a week without a clear set of goals – impulsive does not work so instead build structure into your job search.

NEVER email your entire LinkedIn network – connecting with someone does not give you permission to spam them.

NEVER send a generic LinkedIn connection request – always include a personal note and explain why you’d like to connect.

NEVER avoid an easy and opportunistic conversationinstead be an opportunistic extrovert and strike up conversations with new people.

So those are my “nevers”.  What are yours?

Share them in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter. I’ll be there!

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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