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Job Seeker: What Are You Complaining About?


This post is about job search complaints. Have any?

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Job seekers are a pretty quiet bunch. As a whole you don’t get too upset about anything. While stressed out due to the pain and potential peril of being in a tough spot, you are a pretty even keeled group.

But why no job search complaints?

Don’t job seekers have a platform to scream about? And isn’t there enough frustration boiling over to give people a full head of steam? Why won’t you complain?

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think there has been a million person march demanding anything for the unemployed.

Is there no official association to stand up and complain on behalf of the job seeker? Is one needed so that these issues get out on the table?

Maybe the problem is that job search is very regional. The job seeker has strength in small bunches, but not in big groups. We are split up by industry, by function and by level.

And maybe there is just enough belief in the idea that this whole mess is not caused by a single group or organization. That it is really just one big balloon deflating noisily.

So what does a job seeker have to complain about? What are the common job search complaints?

  • What about all the people who made crazy money for years in the mortgage and credit industries. And then got bailed out. Aren’t they still a good target for frustration?
  • There wasn’t that big of an uproar about news that employers said they were only hiring employed people. A small distraction but no real upset.
  • Job seekers certainly care about money. Makes sense. So when the government threatens to shut down employment benefits I guess a few of us raised a voice or two about that issue.
  • COBRA is gloriously expensive. I’m paying into it now (as former employee trying to start a company). Are you? Why hasn’t a better, more affordable option been floated? Is someone just assuming that this overflow of workers will go away here in the next few months? I guess by the time a decent proposal were cooked up, the need would be reduced by some growth and new jobs from the economy. Or so we all hope.
  • How about when a company discriminates because of your age. Doesn’t age discrimination frustrate you?

In addition to the reasons stated earlier, I think we stay even-keeled for a few pretty understandable reasons.


We don’t want to be seen as trouble-makers or whistle blowers. If a job seeker started writing a blog about age discrimination and making a big fuss, people might see it. And wonder what kind of an employee we’d be.


Job search tends to be kind of a private struggle. While we network together and help each other, our search process is built as a one-person show. With only intermittent group work.

What do you think?

Should the job seeker be sharing job search complaints more loudly? Is there a risk of being too vocal on the various pain points in job search?

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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