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My Chapter 4: Career Evolution Continues

Career Evolution, Career Planning, job search, networkingThis post is about career evolution. It’s part announcement and part career advice. It is personal.

If you don’t know me or follow the blog, you might skip this one. But I hope not.

In about 24 hours (Monday AM), I will start Chapter 4 of my career. Here’s what that means and how it might help you.

I view my career in chapters:

Career Evolution: Chapter 1

Over a 15 year period, I worked for some great companies. A really big one (Nestle) as well as some medium sized ones (Tree Top Apple Juice and Kensington Technology Group). I was really well trained in brand/product management and played a increasingly larger role in growing strong premium brands.

Career Evolution: Chapter 2

Over 8 years, I worked within companies owned by private equity. There was Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts (now owned by Hershey Foods), Meguiar’s Car Wax (now owned by 3M) and Horizon Food Group (still owned by PE). Here I learned my work philosophy that I include on my Solo Sheet (work bio). And I learned how to do great things in a short amount of time. You really can do amazing things when focused, limited in resources ($, people, time) and targeted.

Career Evolution: Chapter 3

During this 5.5 years is where you likely got to meet me. After a successful job search in 2007 and as the market for jobs began to crumble, I realized that I could help others succeed during their own job search. So I started a few blogs in 2008 after I got settled in my new role. It turns out that personal marketing and branding is not a strength for most people. I can honestly say this was the most rewarding and provocative chapter so far. In 2010, the passion became too strong and it led to my leaving the safety of a job to write speak, consult and brand myself for the first time.

During this time I wrote career books, spoke to hundreds of groups, wrote for some great sites (U.S. News, Wiley Publishing, The American Marketing Association and others) and created some helpful career downloads (not all are still as up to date). I was on NPR twice and was able to live out a cool existence consulting and helping people in a bigger way than I thought was possible.

Career Evolution: Chapter 4

Of course this chapter is just getting started. But it is a very natural transition. I now get to take Chapter 1 (marketing foundation), Chapter 2 (careful, efficient growth) and Chapter 3 (personal and corporate brand development) and apply them to an exciting, high growth oriented company doing what I love to do: help build brands and make them famous.

The new company:

“Kareo is the only medical office software company dedicated to serving healthcare providers in small practices. Kareo is a young, dynamic, and upbeat company inspired by the belief that, with the right tools and support, small medical practices can do great things. The company is built around the needs of doctors, their staff, and the medical billing services that support them. Kareo designs its products to be simple and intuitive so that doctors and other care providers can focus on the important work of patient care.”

I worked with a lot of small businesses while consulting and I certainly like to help people do great things. Do you think Kareo is a good fit for me? Yep.

How did I find this job? This is important.

Not through online job boards. Not through a recruiter. I found it (and another offer I did not accept) through my network. Through people who already know me and were willing to make an effort on my behalf.

This is how you will find your next job too.

But you have to communicate effectively and keep your network engaged with a confident approach. How? Read my book on confidence and positivity during job search.

So am I completely done with Chapter 3? No, I will still help people. But be patient as I fully commit to my new role at Kareo.

You can still contact me and you can still call (find my contact info on LinkedIn). I’ll probably go back to commute calls – 15 minutes of help and advice during my commute in addition to blogging when I can.

Thank you for being a big part of my Chapter 3 and I look forward to seeing how we can stay friends and help each other during Chapter 4. My career evolution continues.

Thanks Cappellmeister for the photo via Flickr

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