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My New Year’s All Nighter – Blogging Like A Rock Star

So I’ve decided to do something different.  Something I have not done (on purpose) in 15 years.  I’ve done it a couple of times to my dismay since then, but I think it was the darn green tea.

Starting at 12:00 AM (or sooner) Pacific time on New Year’s Day, I’ll be pulling an all-nighter.  A blog-a-thon not to raise money but to support a more selfish cause.

I am way behind in my personal e-mail.  And I have a lot of ideas.  Ideas I can’t execute without some free time.  Since I work an unrelated day job.

So I guess its an anti-Tim Ferriss night/morning since I’ll be doing at least two of his 4-hour work weeks while most of you will be sleeping.  Many of you will be screaming in a new year – oblivious to my plight.

Last time I did this in preparation for a presentation in Switzerland.  I was working for Nestle at the time and had a new product plan to share with the HQ execs.  I was 100% prepared until around 10:00PM.  Then I realized I had a new angle on the project that was much better.  So I worked through until morning.  And hopped on the plane.

And I do have one other motivator.  My oldest son is doing a similar all-nighter with his teen group at church.  Except he’ll be eating candy and playing games.  I told him I’d stay up with him in spirit (joking) then decided later that it actually made some sense.

Here’s what I will try to get done:

1.  My first blog series of 2010 – I think it will be focused on “confidence”.  Five or six posts starting January 4.  As well as a few that I will post through the early morning.

2.  Clean out ALL e-mail from ALL in-boxes.  Is one of yours in there?

3.  Build a prioritized list of objectives for the blog and website for 2010.

4.  Share best posts of 2009 via Twitter.  As well as posting updates on my well-being (i.e. how tired I am).  Like you care . . .

5.  Read a few chapters from books that I really like but have only partially read by @ChrisBrogan, @jonathanfields, @pamslim, @garyvee

6.  Come up with some new contest ideas for the Fan Page, LinkedIn group, Twitter

7.  Write a few interesting comments on blogs that I enjoy reading.

8.  Film a few 1-minute videos – short snippets from slides that I shared in 2009 presentations.  Might feel a bit like

9.  Create a few new tools for you.  Practical and easy to use.  Same day.

10.  Write a few chapters for this book I’m trying to write  . . . (over-fill your plate much?)

All I ask . . . if you are up anyway.  Or if you get up early on the east coast.  Send me an @ message on Twitter.  Or a text message (949) 280-7043.

Cheer me on, won’t you?  Am I absolutely nuts?

I’ll be easy to spot.  Blogging with my eyes closed.  Making spelling errors.  The usual . . .

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