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Career Networking Without A Purpose Is Just Socializing

career networking, saddleback church, psychology, job search, socializingLast night I shared one of my favorite presentations.  With one of the best career networking resource groups in Orange County and likely one of the best in the world.

Saddleback Church is well known for its popular pastor, Rick Warren.  His huge bestselling book called “The Purpose Driven Life”.  And their their newest site called The Peace Plan.

But its career ministry might be the hidden gem.  A huge group of volunteers ready to support people who really need help in this economy.

And last night, over 250 people showed up to hear me share a few ideas.  My presentation was called:

“It’s All In Your Head” – The Psychology Of Successful Job Search

It was an amazing event.  And I took the opportunity – for the first time – to get it professionally videotaped.  So I could share portions of it with you.  We’ll get that video uploaded to the site as soon as it is ready.  And if you were there last night, thank you for coming!  What did you think?

After the event, I spoke to a ton of people and learned their stories.  We talked a lot about career networking.  And how to be productive while doing it.

And as I was speaking with someone, these words came out:

Networking Without A Purpose Is Just Socializing

I spoke last night about having a purpose in every thing you do.  And networking is no exception.

If you’ve been out of work for a while, you’ve probably come to enjoy seeing your new friends at each networking event.  Sharing war stories and laughing (later, of course) about strange things that have happened along the way.

And some of that is important.  To connect with your friends and networking community.

But if this is the extent of your career networking effort, you might just be spinning your wheels.  Making very loose connections with a lot of nice people.  When you should be working with a purpose.

And there are many more purposeful things you can target while networking.  Every event you attend.  Every one-on-one coffee you organize.  All should include a purpose.  One that you identify on Monday AM when you plan your week.

Need help in planning?  Here’s a simple tool you can use each week:


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So what are some examples of purpose-driven goals in career networking?  So you can add them to your list.

1.  To find a key contact at a target company

2.  To secure an informational interview with an influencer in your industry

3.  To help others get leads and meet key people in your circle of friends

4.  To get your resume into the system of a key recruiter in the area

5.  To find a career expert who can help create great marketing tools for you.

That way, you are acting against a plan.  A plan that will lift you up, build your confidence and help structure the hours you spend away from the house.  That way you are not acting impulsively.

And you are certainly not just socializing.

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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