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New Job Search And Career Help Videos With @aboutdotcom

job search networking, job search strategy, quit your job, human interest, new job, career help, job search, new jobs, videos, jobs, youtube, shares, search, video, careerA few months ago, I filmed some new job search and career help videos for about.com with the help of my good friends at Geffner Productions.  A few of those are newly launched and I’d love to share them with you.

Just in case a topic we covered is on your “need help with that” list.

You can also go watch them on my YouTube channel – that way you can see my snazzy new intro video. 🙂

But no matter where you see them, video can be a great and productive way to learn.  And while it’s not a replacement for someone being there with you, at least it gets you and I one step closer to being in the same room.  Working on your job search or career strategy.

If you ever want to spend some productive time with me, I have a simple program for that now.  Have you heard about my Career Power Hour?

Here are the video links:

What is a Self-Performance Evaluation?

How often do you sit down and analyze your own performance at work?  You know your boss will do this once a year, but it’s a good idea to do it on your own as well.

Self-assessments are used to help you think through your own performance, to identify strengths to build on as well training opportunities for the future and to identify gaps in understanding between your thoughts and those of your boss.

So in addition to a conversation about your strengths, questions may include “what challenges did you face and how did you respond to them?,” “what results did you achieve against your objectives?” or “how can you get better at your job and how will that happen?”

And even if your boss doesn’t require one, a self-assessment is something you should do on your own in advance of a performance review.  This way, you are prepared to share specific successes, ideas and opportunities to improve your performance in the coming year.

 Top 5 Reasons To Quit Your Job

The decision to quit your job is a big one and should not be made without really thinking it through. The decision should be based on some deeper reasons and not just because it sounds like a good idea to change things up.

So here are 5 really good reasons to quit your job:

1.  Find a better one (internal/external)

2.  Start your own company

3.  Escape a bad boss

4.  Change industry/function

5.  No opportunity for advancement

So think it through to avoid an impulsive decision.  But once you have decided to leave, do so with confidence.

Tips For Informal Job Search Networking

If you are looking for work today, there are many places you can go to network for a job. You deliver your elevator pitch and hand out business cards in a structured environment.

But there’s also great value in networking more informally.  Do this by meeting people in your neighborhood, in the line at Starbucks or in the waiting room at the car dealership.

Your next job lead can come from anywhere, right?

So be ready to talk about who you are and what you are looking for at any time with these tips:

1.  Smile and make eye contact

2.  Start by saying “hi”

3.  Ask questions

4.  Don’t lead with “I’m out of work”

5.  Be positive about your future

6.  Share small wins

7.  Offer specifics about your ideal next job

Follow these tips and you will be more interesting, easier to help and more memorable when job leads are passed around.

I hope these videos are helpful and please don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel:

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More videos are on the way!

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