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New Must-See Video: What Are You Looking For?

job search objectives, what are you looking for, kate bloom, video, social networkingJob seekers struggle to answer a very basic question.  Sometimes they don’t know the answer.  Sometimes they answer with way too much information.  And sometimes they are incredibly vague with hopes that they’ll be considered for a lot of different jobs.

But the truth is that social networking for a new job requires specifics.  Details. Delivered with confidence.

Because if you don’t know what you are looking for, how will you ever find it?  And how will others be ready and able to help you if they don’t know either?

This short video was created to help job seekers or anyone social networking with a purpose see the mistakes they make at networking events or during a one-on-one meeting. Those in the video are acting out their roles to help you see the need to get specific (see below for a brief bio on my awesome actors!).  But anyone can make these mistakes if they aren’t aware.

Please share this video with someone who needs help framing and delivering their specific job search objectives.  Show it at your next job club meeting.  Or embed it into your blog or website.

If you decide to do this, make sure you don’t leave them hanging at the end. Give people a process to establish specific job search objectives.  Tell them how to build a target company list.  And then tell them how to begin to penetrate a target company.

The awesome cast (in order of appearance):

job search objectives, what are you looking for, bob frady, video, social networking

Bob FradyBob is a marketer specializing in programs that deliver outstanding results, both online and offline. His specialties include direct marketing, database marketing, internet marketing, e-commerce and email marketing.  Bob is Director of Marketing at Corelogic Spatial Solutions, a company that sells property-level risk (flood surge, wind, hail, sinkhole, etc) data to insurance service companies.  Prior to this company, Bob was Vice President of Digital Marketing for Live Nation and was VP, Direct marketing for IndyMac bank.  When not marketing for others, Bob markets his own style of comedy.  As a part-time stand-up comic, Bob generates laughs all over Orange County. You can also see Bob perform a comedy routine.

job search objectives, what are you looking for, kate bloom, video, social networking

Kate BloomKate has an MBA and 15+ years of healthcare experience in workers’ compensation, return-to-work and managed care. A great “utility player” with expertise in client management, business development and operations, Kate has worked for WellPoint, Prudential Healthcare and Kaiser and is currently seeking opportunities which draw on her client management and operations acumen. Off hours, Kate fulfills her music passion as a singer in the Metropolitan Master Chorale. In 2008 she launched (and still leads) the LA Chapter of CafeNet. CafeNet is a sponsor-only community of 700+ business leaders in transition across OC, LA and SD Counties.  Aah – but if life allowed her to chase her ultimate “million to one” dream, she would resurrect her early career as a radio host, combine that with her Barbra-Streisand “like” voice and do voice-overs, background vocals or hosting. 

job search objectives, what are you looking for, Stephen VamVaketis, video, social networking

Stephen VamVaketisSteve is a versatile and capable Human Resources leader and generalist with solid business skills. Extraordinary interpersonal and partnering skills. Hands-on. Translates company strategic and tactical business plans into HR strategic and operational plans. Marshalls company assets to drive process improvement. Embraces strategic human resources methodologies to “break down walls” and engage the workforce.  Stephen is seeking a Human Resources Manager, Director, Partner or Senior Generalist role in a company ranging from $10-500MM and/or 75-1000 employees, preferably in the south OC or north SD county areas. Industry preference open, but most experienced in the manufacturing and technology sectors.  His target companies include Honda, Toyota, SpaceX, Life Technologies, Edwards Lifesciences, Blizzard Entertainment, Kingston Technology, Vizio, Masimo, Disney, Corinthian Colleges

job search objectives, what are you looking for, barbara bretz, video, social networking

Barbara LowryBarbara is a highly skilled marketing specialist whose expertise spans many facets of marketing and related activities (including product promotions, creation and implementation of marketing material, advertising, direct marketing, script and technical writing, graphic design and trade show and event planning).

Her expertise also spans all facets of office management with a focus on team building, staff development, budget management, and customer service. Experience in these areas has enabled her to work effectively in the fields of manufacturing, non-profit, and higher education.

job search objectives, what are you looking for, Larry Stimac, video, social networking

Larry Stimac – Larry is an accomplished Customer Care Executive with extensive experience leading departments consisting of System Sales Engineers, Technical Trainers, Field Engineers, Application Engineers, Technical Support Engineers, Call Center Staff, Installers, and Project Managers. He is experienced with the Sales, Deployment and 24/7 Support of large scale systems and software. He is currently an Executive Training Consultant with Synergy Executive Education and a Customer Care Consultant while seeking the best opportunity for his background and experience.  Larry is also a versatile and talented Voice Over artist with experience in Documentaries, Audio Books, Training, Corporate Presentations, Narration, Announcer, IVR (phone system) and Commercials. Contact Larry if you would like a copy of his VO Demo or to request a custom audition.  Larry can be reached at larry.stimac@sbcglobal.net.

Also, a big thank you to the creative pros for bringing this all together. Thanks to Nick and John at Damn That’s Funny – a creative agency here in Southern California.

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