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Update: Peeking Out From Under The Covers

Tim Tyrell-SmithThe question comes up sometimes. And often, I’m not sure how to answer it.

“Are you still doing the whole Tim’s Strategy thing?”

Hmmm. Good question. No and yes. The “no” part has to do with writing, speaking uniquely to job seekers and creating tools here on the site. Nope, not much of that lately.

And, to be honest, the rip-roaring pace I wrote and created tools back in the day was not sustainable. Especially as a largely no income hobby that helped people. But I was driven by the obvious need. So many people out of work and so little understanding of what to do to fix it.

So you’ve been doing what now?

For about 2.5 years, I’ve been back at it inside a cool late-stage software start-up software company in the healthcare industry. It was a great fit and remains a great fit since the mission of the company is to help people. In the case of Kareo, it is helping physicians working in independent medical practices. Many of whom are small businesses. The same physicians caring for us and our families. So, yes, that feels right.

So it’s been busy. What I am doing is speaking locally on branding, personal branding, and occasionally sitting on expert panels to help where and when I can. I’ll meet with anyone who needs to network, get advice or just wants to talk careers. Still love that.

What about the LinkedIn parts?

At times, there’s been a temptation to write a post on LinkedIn. I still might do that someday. Although LinkedIn (as a blogging platform) feels very promotional these days. And, as many of you have probably noticed, the feed on LinkedIn is feeling too much like Facebook.

If you are a member of the LinkedIn group, you know I haven’t been active in it lately. It’s simply too much work to maintain engagement there. And, honestly, I think LinkedIn groups are an idea past its prime. Every once in a while, I’ll see a group that still works. But not like in the olden days.

I do LinkedIn reviews for my fellow employees, helping them build a strong profile and a more active presence on the site. That counts, right?

Any plans to re-start the old engine?

I’m still thinking about how best to maintain and perhaps pivot this site to something that is needed and adds real value to the career conversation. Hopefully we’ll never have another nasty job market. But I’m guessing we will. And, unfortunately, that means that lots of people will have stopped networking while employed during the good times. And many will need a reminder on how to market yourself and how to build your network after years of avoiding it.

One of the aspects I loved (still love) about Tim’s Strategy was the opportunity to create. And I actually miss the writing part a lot. It was a great outlet for my ideas and, I think, it added a unique spin to what was, in many cases, a tired and traditional career advice market. And it allowed me to build a brand for myself that eventually landed me the job I’m in today (“if you did that for your brand, can’t wait to see what you can do for ours” is what I heard).

What can we expect in the short-term?

I’m still here. That matters, right? I still respond to comments on the blog. And have fond memories of all this stuff I created here at Tim’s Strategy – even though some of it feels awfully dated at this point. And I’ve been sniffing around the older parts, updating and deleting some parts that just don’t feel right any more.

A few of you still buy one of the career and job search books, but mostly they are given away as PDF versions (see my email link below if you want a free digital copy).

If you need anything, want to say “hey”, get caught up or anything else, the best way to reach me these days is an email here. Because apparently my contact form here on the site needs a few turns of the wordpress screwdriver.

I have no idea what will happen when I publish this post. Imagine with me an old, rusted out printing factory gets the dust blown off and is plugged in to an electrical outlet. A little WD-40 gets sprayed on all the parts and then…

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
Categories: Personal Branding

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