Your Personal Marketing Materials

Q:  I’m told I need a full package of personal marketing documents to succeed during my transition.  What are the common ones and where do I learn how to create them?

In the old days it was just about a resume and cover letter.  Those were created as a static document and mailed to 10-20 companies with the hopes of snagging your own personal fish.  Your new job.  And you only did this every fifteen years.  If you did it at all.

Now with the new social networking strategy, social media and a need to better define your value, it is less simple.

Here are some articles to help you make sense of all the new ways you can and need to communicate in today’s job search:

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Here are the tools on the site to help you create your own personal marketing materials:

My Favorite Resume and CV Template: Introducing TruFocus

Do You Know Your Career History? Introducing CareerBack™

The Must-Have Resume Companion. The SoloSheet™

Introducing The TruFocus Cover Letter Template

6 Easy Steps To A Great Elevator Pitch

FlashCard™. Introducing A New Business Card for Networking.

All tools are available on the Tools for Job Search, Career and Life page!

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