Keeping A Positive Attitude In Life

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Q:  I try to have a positive attitude.  But I get really frustrated sometimes.  How do I keep positive in life?

Maintaining a positive attitude and confident approach to life is not always easy.  In fact every action you take is affected by your psychology.  Your mind and behavior are forever linked.  And those around you are looking for you to be strong – even during the tough times (job search, career struggles or life challenges).

Everything you do, everything you react to and everyone you meet will be influenced positively or negatively based on how you are feeling.  When social networking, interviewing or meeting with a new work colleague, your delivery will either impress or leave people with little or no reason to remember you.  And you know what they say about first impressions.

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Here are the tools available on Tim’s Strategy to help you with keeping a positive attitude during job search:

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