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 professional resume writer, giraffe resume, eric olavson, job search, write resume, professional resume, simple resume, job, employment, labor, recruitment, simples, resume, simplicity, eric, accomplishments Today the blog features a guest post by Eric Olavson, a state certified professional resume writer and the founder of Giraffe Resume.  Eric is an approved career expert here at Tim’s Strategy.


But your resume is not a chance for you to write that autobiography you’ve always wanted to pen. Remember, a resume is not your life story. It is a marketing document that is trying to get your foot in the door for an interview. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Autobiographies lack focus. They lack simplicity. And simplicity is what will get you an invitation to interview. Commit this to memory: RAN.


  • Relevance: A resume must be written to a specific job posting. Specifically, the employer’s job posting and only theirs. Employers don’t care about skills and accomplishments that don’t relate to what they want. Customize each resume for each job.
  • Accomplishments: Focus your resume so it’s talking about what you are proud of, not what you did on a daily basis. You’ve probably worked at your job for a while. What did you do that actually gets you excited to talk? This will help greatly in the interview. And putting these accomplishments in your resume will get you the interview in the first place. Talk about how you saved a company $450,000 in revenue. Talk about how you increased sales 25%.
  • Numbers: Nobody likes to hear the words “Trust me.” They make you seem untrustworthy. That means you need to justify your accomplishments with numbers so that you are not just saying, “I’m really, really good, Mr. Employer. Trust me.” 123s add credibility. And look at the text itself. Do you see how those $, %, and 123s just pop out of the text and scream profitability? Add great accomplishment statements to your resume and you will begin to receive phone calls very fast.

Okay, so that’s theory, at least. How do we apply this in the real world?

Let me give you an example. I am a career coach. I help people find employment. Before you pay me $200 to write your resume, you probably would want to know my credentials. So here is my pitch to you. You are the employer. I am the job candidate. See if this makes you want to hire me:

I specialize in employment for working professionals of over 3 years’ experience. I have successfully placed 95% of my clients with jobs in their field of expertise within a two month period, recession or not. Also, I coached them on salary negotiation that often led to at least a 10% increase in salary offers. Oftentimes these salary increases were greater than $5,000, even in a recessive economy. Additionally, I have given presentations to the state legislature on job searching, taught workshops on resumes, interviewing, and job searching, and helped initiate a program for the government called Work Success that helped single parents find work. Work Success had placement rates of over 90%. The bottom line is, by working with me, not only will you find employment fast, but you will be paid significantly more money.

That is my pitch to you. So now let’s review and see if I applied RAN properly.

Relevance: Does the paragraph talk about anything non-job related, or is everything relevant to you as a job seeker?

Accomplishments: Do I talk about things I am proud of, or just state that I “wrote resumes” and “taught salary negotiation?”

Numbers: Do I use numbers to justify my accomplishments? Do the numbers stick out and show proof of results?

Remember, by applying RAN, clients of ours go from 0 interviews in six months to 3 interviews in two weeks.

Do the same to your resume . . . and you will start getting more interview offers than you can deal with. Trust me.

resume, interview coaching, job search, career helpEric Olavson is a state certified professional resume writer and is the founder of Giraffe Resume, which offers professional resume services and interview coaching. Giraffe Resume stands out from the crowd by offering a free, fun resource called the Advice Oasis that teaches innovative strategies to help you land that job offer! To read more about these simple concepts, visit our free Advice Oasis. Easy.

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