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Stalled Job Search? Try A New Industry

This is a guest blog post by Abby Locke about your stalled job search.

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If you have been running into steady roadblocks or the opportunities in your field seem to be disappearing right before your eyes.

This time, it may be time to try something different – like a new field or a new industry.

Are you overwhelmed at starting over your career or being the newbie all over again? Well, here are three tips to consider when making your move.

Here’s how to avoid a stalled job search:

1. Do your research

This is not new advice to you – you should always look before you leap. Take advantage of online, print and social media resources to learn as much as possible about your new industry, top companies and the type of positions that match your background and expertise. Get insiders’ perspectives, in-depth industry details and other corporate information from websites like wetfeet.com and vault.com.

2. Talk to the experts

One of the best ways to understand and explore new fields or industries is informational interviews with current and past employees. Informational interviews allow you to gain great perspective from someone who is working in the field. Now, access someone who can serve as a mentor, job search advisor, and even a referral for viable job opportunities.

Use online social networks like LinkedIn.com, Ecademy.com, Zoominfo.com and Ziggs.com to connect with former associates and friends and top players in ideal target companies.

3. Suit up your resume for career change

Career-changer resumes are unique as you don’t want to appear mismatched or unqualified for new industry positions. Stick to a chronological format as much as possible, but emphasize relevant and related job tasks, career achievements and work experience. So, don’t forget to bulk up on valuable keywords, industry jargon and relevant language throughout your professional resume.

Here is an excerpt from a banker’s resume who wanted to transition to the non-profit section. The excerpt below was used in the new resume’s executive summary/profile.

“Articulate leader able to solicit support from key executives, government officials and community leaders. Extensive knowledge and proven success in securing corporate funding and sponsorships. Repeatedly awarded for exceptional leadership in community affairs. Served actively on Board of Directors and committees for major business and community associations.”

In addition, get yourself ready for a multifaceted job search. Your disappointment will multiply if the internet is your only tool for finding new jobs – and your stalled job search will continue.

Get out and about – join professional and industry associations, alumni groups and Chamber of Commerce committees. So, start building your own team of alliances.

These are the ways to avoid a stalled job search.

Thanks Oran Viriyincy for the great photo via Flickr.

Written by: Abby Locke
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