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Start A Job Search Reading Group

This post is about starting a reading group or a job search book club with your local network.

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Like to read?  Want to help others stay positive during job search? Well, you must like to read since you’ve decided to find information here on a blog.  How about the feel of a fresh paperback on your lap?  Like that?

Then you might want to start a reading group or a job search book club.

Why else would I want to do that?

1.  You’ll learn new things via the text and from the dialogue with other group members

2. You’ll build a support group for yourself and others who need it

3. You’ll build influence and social credibility in your local community as people see your group growing.  And people getting value from being a part of your group.

4.  You’ll have fun.

5.  You’ll be doing something productive (assuming you’re not reading People Magazine).

Of course a job search book club is different from a job search accountability group, right? It’s more about education and support. And less about holding each other to task.

So you might need to be in two small groups if you need both. Or just one if a single group meets your needs for learning, support and goal achievement.

And in case you really might want to start a job search book club, I’d like to make you a special deal on my newest book.

Because I wrote the book with the hopes that some one like you might need some help along the way.  So the book is structured in chronological order.  Almost like a “what to expect when you are expecting”.  But for job search.

And each chapter ends with three discussion questions.  So you won’t have to work too hard to get people talking.

Here’s the deal:

1. Buy 10 HeadStrong books for your job search book club.

2. Have your group read a section every week for 10 weeks (there are 10 sections, each covering a different topic).

3. Have a weekly meeting to go through the discussion questions.  And rotate the leadership for each week so everyone gets to play a bigger role.

4. When the 10 weeks are over, I guarantee that everyone in the group will feel smarter, more confident and more positive about their situation. If not, I will refund your money. Fair?

5. And here’s a special offer. Send me a note and I will join you by phone for FREE to help kick-off your first meeting. I would love that!  Or invite me to your community to speak at a local event and I’ll introduce the book’s positive message to a larger group.


Already have a job search book club?  You can suggest this to your group leader. Or you can buy a single book to add to your group’s library.

And if you need more ideas, here are other great books for job search, career and life.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Or if you have any questions, I can answer those there as well. 🙂

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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