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Targeted Leads For Job Seekers – The New And Improved Watchlyst™

A few weeks back I shared something new.  A new twist on the Watchlyst™ that improved my ability to help job seekers.  And help myself through the cumbersome process of managing hundreds of business cards and resumes.  After networking events.

I added the ability for job seekers to input their search objectives into a database that I could access easily.  And then forward leads as they come in.  You can see that here:


To get in, you simply fill out the form below which is located on the Career Expert Directory page.  Breathtakingly simple to fill out.  But it will take you some time to create the content.  And it is great practice.  Because you will need to know these cold anyway – for your networking. Hint: be specific.


And if this wasn’t cool enough, my super-smart and technically savvy partner in crime (Matt) helped create an app for my iPhone that allows me to access and search the database from anywhere.  Here’s a sample of what I see when I’m, for example, meeting new people at a networking event or a recruiter with a new client need:


So now I can help from near and far.  In fact, I sent three new leads today with the click of a button.  I can search by each category and, even better, I can click on the email link to open up a new e-mail to easily forward a new lead.

So if you haven’t already joined.  You should.  There are 81 job seekers in there so far.  And they only hear from me if I have a targeted lead for them.  I promise.

What’s next for the Watchlyst?  Stay tuned!

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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