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The Best Of Our First LIVE LinkedIn Discussion

LinkedIn, Discussion, Career professionals, connecting, advice, live, social networkingToday was our first “live” discussion on LinkedIn and, for a first try, it was a success.

We had 12 career professionals chatting with us and discussing the art of connecting on LinkedIn, how to do it well, and the mistakes people make.

 1 hour; 6 questions; 170 comments; we’d call that a great start!

So why a LinkedIn live discussion?

Well, LinkedIn groups need more true engagement. Without engagement, they can become stale wastelands where only spammers and seagulls hang out.

Seagulls are bloggers (are anyone with a link to share) who post their excrement and fly away.

So a live discussion is also fun because it adds an extra personal touch to the discussion – as well as an urgency to responding to someone.

And, guess what, it’s a chance to get to know your connections a little bit better. Perhaps even make some new friends.

We scheduled our next one for July 31 at 9:00 AM – join the LinkedIn group to get more information.

LinkedIn isn’t a perfect platform for a live discussion of course. The refresh rate is much slower than Twitter and you have to manage the notifications that come (or un-check the notification box) with each comment). And you can’t retweet or share comments.

Bill Boorman was right about the issues we would have – but in summary, people seemed to like it.

We like the longer form (no character limit) and because of the slower refresh rate, we felt less rushed to get a word in – a nice break from sucking on the fire hose in a really fast moving Twitter chat.

Here are some of the great comments that our participants made:

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Did you participate? What did you think of the inaugural discussion?

If not, why not? Hope we can get you in next time! 🙂

Click here to take a look at the discussion (you’ll need to join the group, of course). Thanks to those of you who participated!  

Thanks clasesdeperiodismo for the great photo via Flickr. 

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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