How To Find A New Job

Q:  Finding a new job is so much harder today.  What are the modern ways to do it right?

It is harder today.  The economy has made it much more difficult due to the number of people out there looking with you.

If it weren’t for that, however, you could actually argue that finding a job is easier today.  Because of all the great tools out there.  And the new focus on social networking.

In terms of how to do it right, here are my thoughts via the blog:

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There are also some great tools here on the site to help ease your process of finding a job:

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10 Tools. The Tools Of Successful Job Search. (A New E-Workbook)

30 Ideas. The Ideas Of Successful Job Search. New 2010 Edition.

All tools are available on the Tools for Job Search, Career and Life page!

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