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TruFocus™ Resume Template

TruFocus Cover Letter Template

A few years ago, I started getting a large number of requests to do resume reviews.  Everyone appreciates having their resume reviewed.  It’s nice to have someone share their opinion.  No matter what you decide to do with it.

And as I got busier with the blog and while still working full time, my ability to help people with reviews became limited.  So I decided to create something that could help people without my direct involvement.

I created a template for your resume and then wrote a tutorial to go with it.  That way visitors could create a new resume or update a current resume without waiting for me.

The Resume Template

A lot of recruiters like the resume template because they can point job seekers to it, help someone and save some time.

Everyone wins.

Not everyone loves it, of course.  There are purists out there who say “you can’t use a resume template for something as important as a resume”.  And in some ways they are right.  But this is not a template in the traditional sense.  It is really a starting point that allows the job seeker to customize.

But it is very much a template in the sense that it provides very clear guidelines for what to do, what not to do and why.  And I called it “my favorite” because it is the one that I’ve always recommended to people.

Others have been critical of  the branding: “TruFocus™”.  Well, blame my marketing upbringing if you want (22 years in consumer packaged goods companies) if you want.  I’ve always been a brand builder.  I also branded it to reinforce one of the key benefits of the template.  It’s simplicity.

So I must have done something right as the post tutorial has been read over 30,000 times as of April 2011.  And the template is shared regularly on LinkedIn groups and job search forums.

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Oh, and it’s free.

However, if you really need help with messaging, get it.  This resume template won’t help if you don’t know what to say.  If you need help with your branding, positioning or handling a tough career issue (gaps, etc) be smart and get a professional resume writer involved.

If you send me a note, I will gladly send you my personal resume sample based on the resume template.  So you can see what a finished version looks like.

The Cover Letter Template

And after a while, there came requests for a cover letter template.  Since the cover letter and resume are often connected at the hip.

Although I’m not a big fan of cover letters (see my cover letter segmentation study), I decided to create a template for that too.  And wrote a cover letter template tutorial.  Because even though I don’t like cover letters, people should write an effective one if they are going to take the time.

Why don’t I like them?  Because many don’t get read by hiring companies and because most are written so poorly they more often hurt than help you.

The New Modern Digital Age

Do job seekers still really need resumes, CVs and cover letters today?  Yep. Despite all the advancements in technology, the awesome power of LinkedIn for Job Search and the growth of other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, people still expect to see you on paper during a job interview.

And until that changes, you have to create materials that quickly and effectively introduce you and your brand to new people.

I hope you enjoy using these TruFocus templates.  And while you are on the tools page, be sure to look for other downloads to help with your job search.

These include the FlashCard™ (a business card template) and the SoloSheet™ (a one page personal bio template) for social networking during job search.  And much, much more!

If you like these tools, please share them with others via email or on your favorite social network.

Thank you!

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