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Updating: A Social Media Strategy For Job Search

Today I am going to introduce a new term related to your social media strategy. At least I hope it’s new. You tell me.

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Actually, check that. The term is not new. But its use in this context should be. The word is “updating”.

Here is the original (and still relevant) use of the word in social media for job search:

“Updating” is the act of refreshing or providing a reminder of your presence online. The act of adding new content or information about yourself within your profile or content stream in each social platform.

Updating your social media presence is important. Why?

  • It reminds people that you are still there.  Waving your arms. Or wagging a finger.
  • It tells people you are active.  Not static.
  • It shares new material about what you like.  Or don’t like.
  • It often will tell a search engine or website that you deserve to be placed higher in search results (LinkedIn, Monster, etc).
  • It allows you to (potentially) build social credibility.  If you do it right.
  • Profiles or accounts that are not updated get un-followed and ignored.

And all that sounds logical, right?

So what’s the other context for this word?  The new one.

So “Up-Dating” is the process of updating your online profile AND the interaction (or dating) process that happens with others when you do.  Kind of like online dating without the flowers.  Cost for dinner.  Or the drive back and forth.

Think of your updates as “pitching woo” to friends you haven’t met yet.

So here are some examples of smart, productive updates.  Ones that help to introduce you to others online during job search.  Or any other time you need to pitch yourself.

Add or update your online image

Front and center here should be LinkedIn.  If you don’t have a photo on LinkedIn, go get a nice one taken.  Please don’t use the one of you at the beach.  The one that was originally you and someone else.  Get one taken professionally.  It is what I and others react to before anything else.  Then use that photo consistently across each of your other social media profiles. As part of your social media strategy.

Actively engage new followers and relevant people on Twitter

Why do people follow on Twitter?  Well, there’s a lot of reasons.  Relevance for sure.  By having a distinct Twitter personality.  But also because you appear to be active.  And not just tweeting out famous quotes.  Or blog posts.  But that you are engaging people.  Saying hello. Re-tweeting content along with your take.  Being a member of the community.  Need help getting started on Twitter.  Try my Twitter Daily Checklist.  Simple.

Remind people of your job search objectives

You are not online just to socialize, right?  You are there to network with a purpose. To build smart new connections.  To connect with target companies and recruiters.  So remind people about the specific details about your target job. Remind about your objectives as a tweet in 120 characters (leaving room for a re-tweet) like this: “I’m looking for a #sales role in #apparel biz.  Targets are @Nike, @Adidas or @UnderArmour – any connections?  Thanks!” Or do something similar (in your words) as your Facebook update or LinkedIn status.

Recognize and communicate your evolving personal brand

You change over the years and months.  Especially during job search as you learn about yourself through interviews, assessments, networking and other interactions.  So update your summary on LinkedIn.  Improve your headline or positioning statement and write your bio on Twitter to be a tighter and clearer explanation of what makes you unique.

However you view it. Updating (or Up-dating), is all part of a larger social media strategy to meet new people and stay in touch with your network for the long haul.

Because, like it or not, we are heading into a state of perpetual job search.  You can no longer bury your job search binder in a hole in the backyard.  And dig it up three to five years from now when you need it again.

You have to stay active. You must remain relevant. And for sure, keep dating.

Note: This post is written on a topic in concert with other career bloggers.  Part of a group called Career Collective.  You can follow the #careercollective hashtag on Twitter for other posts this month on Social Media for Job Search or click on a link below. Enjoy!

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