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job search engines, new ideas, positive attitude, fresh jobs, job candidates, stay fresh, job search, business, learning, skill, interviews, employment, resume, candidates, fresh, jobs, recruitment, candidate, job For most people, “new” is intriguing.  It is full of wonder, possibility and opportunity.  And even if “new” is not any of those things in the end, it could have been and that makes us interested.

So when we see that we have “(1) new message”, the optimist in us believes that this is it.  The big voice message, email or text that will lead to our next job.  And a path out of job search transition.

Of course, you can become obsessed with new messages to the point where your excitement over them exposes a true desperation on your part.  It causes you to over-react to opportunities and have a negative Pavlovian response every time the little red light blinks or the little “checking mail” graphic starts to move.

Read my post from 2009 about the blinking red light on a Blackberry and how too much focus on new messages can be a negative.

But today the focus is on how your being “fresh and new” can be a real positive. How that can help you develop a more positive attitude. And how it can position or re-position you as a fresh solution to a company’s problem.

So how do you solve a problem for a company?

You deliver yourself in a unique and compelling way as often as possible.  And you realize that your skills will one day be a perfect fit for the right company.  One day in job search, someone will say: “make him/her an offer”.  And that him/her will be you.

The only rub?

Hiring managers, recruiters and HR staff get way too many messages so be open to the fact that they won’t be as excited to get a “new message” from you.  Because for many it simply translates as “new work”.

But there is always hope.  No matter what role you are in.  Because we posted the job for a reason.  And so finding your resume in the pile always has the potential to solve the big problem in the department (i.e. who’s going to manage the sales team until we find someone?).

And I’ll bet even the resume tracking software robot feels some small glimmer of excitement when it finds a great match.

So here are some ideas to be the fresh, new and relevant candidate that companies are looking for:

  • Write a blog, offer to speak to your industry group meeting – anything to become relevant and a person of influence in your community.
  • Change up your elevator pitch by updating it with positive news about your search.  Show people your positive attitude and momentum and they’ll want to help in a bigger way.

Implement a few of these ideas and you may just have a few people in the hiring community just a little more optimistic about opening their next email.

How have you found success in staying fresh and new during an extended job search?

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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