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30 Ideas: Now In Paperback

popular e books, electronic publishing, amazon kindle, new technology, e book, job search, mass media, media technology, jobs seeker, printed forms, book now, amazon.com, books, paperback, ideas, printing, successful, book A lot of people are highly progressive.  They always look for the newest technology and make sure that their lives are enabled by gadgets that help them function at a higher level.

Others are more traditional.  A little hesitant to make the big investment before the technology is proven.  Or sometimes just unsure how to upload, download or utilize new technology.

So while I will always ask you to get modern with your job search, I won’t force you.

So here’s an olive branch to the technically challenged.  Or the old school reading crowd in you.  Who likes to have the feel of a book in hand.

My 30 Ideas ebook is now available in paperback.  Click here to purchase.

So if your holiday shopping list has a few holes in it.  Or your own wish list is not yet fulfilled.

Maybe this new paperback version can help.

By the way, I decided to leave the ebook version on the downloads page.  It has been there a long time and I know a lot of you have downloaded it and shared it with others. Thanks for doing that.

For you Kindle lovers, there is a Kindle version there too.  Here’s the brief description of the book:

A new and highly practical book has just been released for today’s job seeker. Written as “advice to a friend”, the book is broken into three sections, each including 10 chapters each covering the strategy, psychology and networking habits of a successful job search. Includes two bonus chapters.  Written by a 22-year marketing executive, the book takes the unique perspective of a job seeker and hiring manager to share practical tips and tools for the modern job search.

It is now up on Amazon, will you write a review?

Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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