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30 Ideas. The Ideas Of Successful Job Search. New 2010 Edition.

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One of the painful things about changing over from one name to another.  One url to another.  One blogging platform to another.  Is that everything you’ve created up to that point has to be changed.  And I mean everything.  In fact, you may find some remnants of the old blog here (old loges, links, references on older posts).  If you do, send me a note.

I know.  I know.  Sounds like a personal problem.

The good news is that all of it has been a blessing.  I love being on WordPress.  The capabilities here are far beyond where I was prior to the change.

And I got a chance to refresh a lot of the content.  Including my ebook.

30 Ideas.  The Ideas of Successful Job Search.

It is now updated in a 2010 edition and ready to download again or for the first time.  In addition to the fixes described above, I’ve also added something new for you.

Two bonus chapters

So, as before, please share this post with a friend or with your local networking group.  The ebook is free with no strings attached.

It is available for download now.  On the downloads page.  You can also purchase a print version.

Novel idea.

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