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5 Career Networking Types: Which Are You?

job search, confidence, tip toe, caution, fear, ideasA lot of people ask where I get ideas for new posts.  And this time it was an image. This image came from Flickr and as soon as I saw it, the words “tip toe” popped into my head.  And then I thought of all the people I’ve met over the last year.  Who are seemingly trying to make no footprint in the job search community.

And there are other “types” who see career networking very differently.  As a battle or a strategic game.  And, as always, there exists a large crowd in between.

Where do you fit in?

Real life images are big drivers for me because most of us are involved in career networking for one simple and hard-driving reason.  We are out of work.

And we come to face more about our lives and the lives of our families and friends when we are thrown off course this way.

And so I’ll ask you again.  Where do you fall on the continuum?

Are you an aggressive “career networking professional”?  An “always fall in the middle” type?

Or are you a “tip toe” type?

Here’s the types that I’ve met through observation:

career networking, job search, career strategy, continuum, ideasToday is not about taking you through a detailed study.  Because I didn’t do one.

It is about getting you to think of what you are doing now, where you fall on the chart above and what you need to do to become better at career networking.

Please check the FAQ for a slew of resources on this subject.

Also, here are four ways to become a better networker.  Do all four of these, connect with me and begin to network with a purpose.

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Have a great and purposeful day . . .

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Written by: Tim Tyrell-Smith
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