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Job Search, Career and Life FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page.

Here’s where I will answer your questions first . . . before you ask them.  But, of course, if you ever have one not listed here or simply have something you need to say, you can contact me anytime!  You can also leave a comment below . . .

I keep hearing about the power of social networking.  When did it become so popular and how do I do it right?

I know I need a strategy for my career development and life goals.  But I have no clue where to start.  Help!

How do I write a cover letter and resume that will get me noticed in my job search?

Finding a job is so much harder today.  What are the modern ways to do it right?

What is personal and business branding?  And how do I create a brand?

I’m told I need a full package of personal marketing materials to succeed during my transition.  What are the common ones and where do I learn how to create them?

I try to be good at positive thinking.  But I get really frustrated sometimes.  How do I keep a positive attitude in life?

I need some new tips for an upcoming job interview.  What are the keys to impressing a hiring manager?

I’m still learning about social media.  What is it and how can I use social media to help me build a career and better enjoy life?

I struggle with my work and life balance.  How do I keep things stable?

What questions do you have? Let me know.

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